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This is an opportunity to join the Global leader in Manufacturing Consumer Health Products, and dictate their future in the CPG/FMCG Market.

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Big Data and Analytics Insight into Employee Potential

Big Data and Analytics Insight into Employee Potential

In less than ten days, Silicon Valley’s Santa Clara Convention Center will be filled with speakers, panelists, and thought leaders from around the globe at the AI & Big Data Expo North America. Topics from the future of enterprise to spotting potential top talent, and everything in between will be covered.    But how important is it for the future of enterprise to be driven by not only digital transformation leaders, but also a solid data team?   Today’s data team must be a mix of the highly technically skilled and the soft-skill savvy, crossing what were once siloed departments across an organization. How do you spot top talent potential in your in-house team? What about those who perform better in person than on paper? What if you could see at a glance the possibilities of an employee’s performance?   Big Data Offers Instant Insight on How to Spot Top Talent   Digital transformation leaders and business executives have more detailed employee information at their fingertips than ever before. By combining people data with accurate algorithms using human capital management tools, organizations are armed with a robust picture of top talent. This offers instant insight into an employee’s potential. Estimation and guess work are a thing of the past, and armed with this type of information, organizations can put into motion succession plans, decide professional development opportunities, and future compensation as well as invest in their top talent for maximum potential.   But, before you can develop high-potential employees, you need to find them. This can be one of the most difficult challenges. Then, once you find and prime your potential leaders, how do you retain them? Having a strategic, proactive approach is an excellent first step towards a successful strategy, and may include some or all of the following:   Creating continuous learning opportunities.   Conducting a pulse check. How are they feeling about the company? Their role? Responsibilities? Like the nuanced role which combines savvy soft skills with highly advanced technical skills, cognitive assessments using NLP can offer instant insights. But, it’s important to conduct in-person pulse check interviews as well, if possible.  Offering mentoring or coaching opportunities.  It’s also important to note, a diverse data team with a variety of backgrounds, can add more perspectives for more innovative solutions in business.   The Competitive Advantage of Effective Data Analytics   Data surrounds us, and in our data-driven world, it’s important for business leaders to understand the impact of Big Data and Analytics when it comes to finding, developing, and planning for top talent. As much as we need to know where and how to find top performers, we need to identify our current potential talent, to support their growth, or risk losing them.   Current performance is only one way to gauge talent and isn’t always a good indicator of future potential. In fact, not having all the facts and relying on instinct could prove to be a liability. In other words, high-performing employees may not have high potential, but high potential candidates may stand out in different ways. Knowing the difference can save time, money, and resource. Losing a high-potential employee can cost over three times their salary, as well as their deep institutional knowledge. Like customer behavior insights gleaned from data, effective Data Analytics can give companies a big advantage over their competitors.    If you’re interested in Big Data and Analytics, we may have a role for you. We specialize in junior and senior roles.    If you’re attending the Big Data and AI Expo in Silicon Valley, November 28 and 29, stop by our booth and say “Hi”. We look forward to meeting you and can discuss opportunities on the spot. If you can’t make it, you can check out our current vacancies or contact one of our recruitment consultants to learn more.   For our West Coast Team, call (415) 614 4999 or send an email to    For our Mid-West and East Coast Teams, call (212) 796 6070 or send an email to

The Next Generation of Data Analysts

The Next Generation of Data Analysts

From coast to coast, a new breed of data analyst rises. No longer siloed and pigeon-holed into one specific area or another, today’s professional must be able to nuance actionable insights for better business predictions and performance. The evolving role of data analyst marries technical prowess and analytical skills with the soft skills of coaching and communication. Every organization from AdTech to FinTech to the Food and Beverage Industries, and every industry in between, depends on data. In fact, by 2020, IBM estimates the number of open positions in the U.S. for data professionals will increase to 2.7 million. Yet, the surge and the shortfall in analytics talent remains as data analyst recruitment efforts rise to the challenge. Broaden Your SkillSet With high demand and short supply comes the opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and expand your skillset. Add to that companies that may not have the budgets to cover their recruitment efforts and the data analyst skillset must expand to meet the demand. From technical to soft skills, below are a few things to keep in mind when crafting your resume or CV: Don’t shed the basics of analytical mainstays such as Excel, SQL, and SAS; enhance them with languages such as R and Python. Want to boost your chances to the top of the pile? Don’t forget next generation tools and platforms like Tableau, Domo, Adobe Analytics, and/or Snowplow.Be specific: Companies will be more interested in interviewing you if you can clearly outline why/what you have used different technology for.Keep this punchy, concise, and outline your in-put with said technologies.Outline projects you’ve worked on.Become a storyteller – communicate key insights more effectively with the power of data, visualization, and narrative. The ability to tell a story with data can translate across business functions and departments for a unified predictive or prescriptive analysis for more impact.Offer actionable Insights - put the power of actionable insights into decision makers’ hands with real life application explanations. Steward data responsibly. Data governance is now business critical and the new data analyst must be able to act with fiduciary responsibility to ensure data privacy. Data must be protected, standards must be followed, and trust must be maintained I, Meet RobotThe blending of the physical and digital worlds through AI, Machine Learning, and IoT remain the frontrunners in technology through 2020. According to McKinsey’s Report Ten IT-enabled Business Trends for the Decade Ahead, the latest technologies shaping the current business world include automated knowledge work, the mobile platform, and the Cloud. Skillsets and experience within these three technologies are the next wave in the modern digital world and it’s the new breed of data analyst who can best rise to the challenge to fill the gaps.Not only will these three technologies make an impact, but the impetus of social platforms and their data will be a powerful contribution to business outcomes. This melding of the physical and digital worlds allows businesses to understand and implement the collected data in scenarios in real-time driving them forward to better reward.Your TurnIn this section, we ask our candidates and clients what we as recruiters can do to help you find the perfect fit. This is your chance to answer and ask questions as well as get creative in helping us improve our efforts in data analyst recruitment. Below are a few questions to get you started.What kind of cross-training programs might businesses and schools employ for future Data Analysts?What other backgrounds are we overlooking in our quest to for the next generation of data analyst as businesses seek to find and engage this most critical role within their data teams?What can we, as recruiters do to engage qualified candidates ready for their next role in the world of data and analytics? If you’re a data analyst ready to spread your wings, we may have a role for you, check out our current vacancies or contact us to learn more.For the East Coast and Mid-West teams please call 212-796-6070, or email the West Coast team call 415-614-4999 or email

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