Generative AI Could Lead to Massive Labour Disruptions, Says Report

Generative AI could lead to massive labour disruptions and rising inequality, according to a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In the report, published on Monday, the United Nations financial agency said it had “profound concerns” about the impact of GenAI models – especially ones able to create realistic pictures and video –…

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Whitepaper: Demystifying AI – Bringing Order to the Chaos

Human and robot hands touching fingers to and emitting light, symbolises Demystifying AI.

White Paper: Demystifying AI – Bringing Order to the Chaos Generative AI (GenAI) has rapidly propelled artificial intelligence into mainstream discussions. Yet, the swift advancement of this technology, coupled with intense media attention, often leaves businesses grappling with a fundamental understanding of AI—its mechanisms, inherent risks, and even a basic definition. In this landscape, executives…

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Growing Regulations, Skyrocketing Investment and “Seriously Lacking” Evaluations: Top Takeaways from Stanford University’s 2024 AI Index Report

AI has begun to surpass human performance on several benchmarks, including image classification, visual reasoning, and English understanding.  However, standardised evaluations are lacking, and a growing awareness of AI’s potential impact is growing along with a mounting pile of strict regulations. This is according to the Stanford University 2024 AI Index Report – an annual…

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Is AI Sexist? The Crisis Ahead of International Women’s Day 2024

international women's day 2024

Artificial intelligence is changing the world. From streamlining workloads to changing the way we communicate, AI and generative tools has fundamentally changed the way we access information. But whether that’s a positive change – or a negative one – could depend on your gender.   Experts have warned that the AI revolution could disproportionately impact women…

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UK AI Safety Summit Key Takeaways

  Waseem Ali, CEO of Rockborne     Amid great media fanfare, tech giants and key government figures came together earlier this month for the UK’s AI Safety Summit. The summit was the first of its kind and included key political figures such as US vice-president Kamala Harris and the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, as…

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The Rise of AI in the Workplace: Five Transformative impacts

AI Technology Integration into the Business Environment Artificial intelligence (AI) has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives and is revolutionising the way we work and conduct business. The workplace, in particular, has experienced a significant transformation as a result of the rise of AI technology and businesses are racing to capture its value. When AI…

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