Recruitment Rookies

Harnham is an ideal place to begin a recruitment career because of its excellent reputation within the industry, its team of experienced and knowledgeable recruiters, and its commitment to providing tailored, personalised recruitment solutions to its clients.

We offer a range of training and development opportunities to ensure that our recruiters are always up to date with the latest recruitment trends and techniques.



Recruitment is, in essence, a sales role. You are selling a service – and at Harnham you are well remunerated for your success at this. You not only need to sell an available role to candidates, but also sell yourself to potential new business clients. What makes you stand out as the right person to find the best fit for an available role? It’s about building relationships. It’s about matching the needs, drive, ambition and motivation of your clients with your own. Think this sounds like you? Then read on to find out what is involved.


The Role

Recruitment is a defined 4 step process – or 360 as we like to term it. It is a carefully developed method – and one that is designed to maximise your success.


To make a difference you need to know what to expect. Here at Harnham we are open, transparent and we always like to ensure our team are prepared. So let us be real. The job of a Recruitment Consultant is careful balance of huge potential and the necessity of a wide range tasks to complete.

But if you can give your best to the role, you can expect in return the best from us. We are invested in your career, in opening up the opportunities that recruitment can offer, and making it fulfilling professionally and personally.


The rewards can be fantastic and earning 6 figures by the third year in the industry, is absolutely achievable. Our commission, incentives and promotion policies mean that the money you can earn is in direct proportion to the effort you put in. You can be promoted quickly and are well supported to transition into managerial roles. There is an autonomy at Harnham unlike any other. You will be empowered by the ownership and authority you have very soon after joining - leading relationships with clients and candidates. Whilst you shouldn’t expect a gold star from a client every time you make a match – there is a personal fulfilment to be had from knowing you had a part to play in connecting people with businesses that are right for each other. So get ready to shine!

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It’s not all about highs of getting that perfect match, a trip to Mexico or Ibiza, uncapped commission or next promotion. It takes practice, dedication, training and self-motivation. Recruitment is not for the faint-hearted, passive or fragile. Rejection, ghosting, the unpredictable nature of people - will all impact your role. The hours are long as you may need to speak to people before or after they finish work. Although every day there are different challenges, a lot of the job is very monotonous. But as you work through the process, find your tribe amongst colleagues, enjoy the benefits and thrive rather than strive – we think you will love recruitment just as much as we do.

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Interview / Hiring Process

About Our Training Programme


Our 13 week Training Programme is designed to teach you the recruitment fundamentals to prepare you to be successful in recruitment. After the 13 weeks, you’ll have ongoing training and development with our L&D team for 18 months and as you progress you will move onto our development programme for experienced consultants where you will have the option to consider management or continue your career as a top biller.

Recruitment Process

From start to finish our Graduate recruitment process takes about 10 days. We want to make it as easy and transparent as possible – so here is how it works.

Top tips/Day in the life


• Research the company you are applying to – recruitment firms are NOT all the same
• Understand the reality of what is involved in a recruitment role
• Know what/why you do what you do. Having drive and passion is key.
• Be patient – stick at it through the challenges
• Have a desire to learn, absorb information and put it into practice
• Give it your all from Day 1 – it’s a career with more potential than most
• Dispel the cultural myths. This is a competitive industry, but no “Wolf of Wall Street”.
You will need to collaborate.
• It isn’t all incentive trips, fancy lunches and Rolex watches. The rewards are there
but you need to put in the effort to earn them.