Data and AI Talent Solutions

Harnham provides specialist Data and AI recruitment staffing services and talent solutions across multiple industry verticals in the UK, the USA and the EU.

Data and AI Talent Solutions

Harnham provides specialist Data and AI recruitment staffing services and talent solutions across multiple industry verticals in the UK, the USA and the EU.


For more than 18 years, Harnham has provided data and AI talent solutions to the world's largest companies and most innovative startups. We are the global leader in Data and AI recruitment.


Whether you need full-time staff, contract talent, specialized training, Data-qualified graduates, or C-suite executives, Harnham Group is equipped to fulfill all your data talent requirements.


Attract, Train & Deploy

Rockborne – our graduate development arm – deploys expertly trained data consultants, who have gone through an intensive 12-week data training programme. After two years in the scheme, your consultant could become a full-time employee.

Contract & Freelance

Whether you're addressing a talent shortage, augmenting a project team, or encountering resource gaps, our specialist consultants offer bespoke interim talent solutions to address every organizations unique challenges and drive success.

Permanent & Direct Hire

From early career professionals to senior management, our comprehensive services enable you to unearth outstanding data talent across various specializations.

Executive Search

With our dedicated executive search team and an extensive network encompassing the director to C-suite level, we assist both global corporations and ambitious start-ups in securing top-tier leadership talent to accomplish their goals.

Upskilling & Data Training

Elevate your team's data expertise with our all-encompassing training programs covering essential tools and technologies such as Python, SQL, Machine Learning, LLM’s and AI.

Remote Resources

Our UK-based data consultants are ready to seamlessly integrate into your projects, offering immediate support and expertise. These consultants are equipped to hit the ground running, effectively bridging any gaps in your team.

Full Data Life Cycle Coverage

Our recruitment and talent teams cover all aspects of the data and AI pipeline, from collection to consumption, across multiple data roles and functions. We specialize in a variety of data roles and functions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and expertise across the field.

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We reach more data professionals daily than anyone else in the world.

At Harnham, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional recruitment and talent solutions that empower your business to excel in the dynamic world of data and AI.

Partner with us today and take the first step towards building a high-performing data and AI team.

GLOBAL Data & AI Hiring Insights

Personalized Data Salary Benchmarking Report

Gain the data-driven knowledge you need to confidently design a competitive compensation and data and AI talent retention strategy.

Request a tailored Harnham Personalized Data Salary Benchmarking Report with comprehensive salary insights for up to three specific positions.

Based on our latest Data and AI Salary Guide and real-time proprietary data, these reports offer the most current market compensation information, customized to your business needs.

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