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As the battle for talent in has intensified, so has the needs of the modern recruiting team. Systems, roles, and processes have all evolved in order to find the best candidates for our clients - and impressing them both.

This increased complexity in a data driven environment, has created the need for an essential piece of the recruiting puzzle. We pride ourselves on the success that we have had over the last 16 years. Behind all of that, of course, is a team of dedicated professionals ensuring that every invoice is paid, system works smoothly and contract is drafted - turning great recruiting teams into world class ones

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There is no “I” in team but there is certainly one in Operations. Powering the engine that makes Harnham run like clockwork, are skilled individuals from across 7 departments. Our departments work closely together. They are vital to keep infrastructure and systems running smoothly, as well as looking at the bigger picture in order to measure overall performance.
This has been instrumental in our ability to scale so quickly. And our commitment to continued growth is deeply rooted in the belief that creating exciting new roles in Operations, both in the UK and across the globe, is an essential part of this plan.

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The culture in our Operations Departments is the same culture that runs deep through the heart of Harnham. Hard work breeds success - and success is rewarded. Collaboration and communication are essential tools of the trade – both in personal and professional capacities.
Harnham is a fun and friendly place to work. It is a culture where we work hard and play hard. Where we celebrate the achievements of everyone. One where you are consistently challenged and upskilled. One where you can be assured that your total wellbeing is looked after. One where you can develop a career for life. A career with infinite possibilities.
If you could be a perfect fit for our culture, then get in touch.

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Welcome to a recruitment journey like no other. At Harnham, we're always interested in finding the right people to join our team.