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Lending money is always a risk. Before a lender can commit to any form of loan an analysis of the risks needs to be made, to ensure the borrower can pay back the loan. Responsible for the creation and implementation of risk strategies, those who work determining credit risk play an important role in business profitability.

Working within the credit risk sector gives you a real influence on business decisions, so we ensure we only find the best talent for you.


At Harnham, we understand the importance of a strong risk team who can develop bespoke strategies and carry out thorough checks. We make it our mission to utilize our vast data and analytics knowledge to deliver a professional and quality experience.

We are firm believers that maintaining relationships is a vital part of the recruitment industry and therefore we work to ensure you have a positive experience that will allow us to continue to working together when you next need to expand your staff roster.

We pride ourselves in being consultants to our area of expertise and we won’t hesitate to advise any of our clients or candidates. We make sure we are constantly aware of the current affairs within our industry to be certain that we can offer authoritative advice.


As experts in the data and analytics industry, we recruit for market leaders. Our tried and tested recruitment processes and expert consulting combine to create the strong relationships we pride ourselves on and are always striving to strengthen.

We work hard to learn the intricacies of every business we partner with, so we can know exactly how they work. This method allows us to easily pair candidates with the businesses that best suit their talents and personality.

Whether you are looking for a new opportunity or another team member, we can help you find an ideal solution.



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