Public Sector & Higher Education Data & AI Recruitment solutions

Harnham is your trusted partner for recruitment and talent solutions in the UK Public Sector, including government and higher education institutions. With over 17 years of experience and specialization in data and AI talent solutions, we cater to all levels of seniority and expertise.


Harnham understands the unique challenges and requirements of the Public Sector. Our extensive experience allows us to provide tailored recruitment solutions for a wide range of job titles critical to government, health services, law enforcement, and higher education institutions. Here are some of the key positions we recruit for:

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • AI Specialists
  • Data Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • BI Developers
  • Data Architects
  • Data Governance Managers
  • Data Privacy Officers
  • Cybersecurity Analysts
  • IT Project Managers
  • System Administrators
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Research Data Managers
  • Educational Data Analysts
  • Public Policy Data Analysts
  • Health Data Scientists
  • Crime Data Analysts
  • Law Enforcement Data Specialists


Our candidates are meticulously selected to bring both technical expertise and innovative thinking to drive your public sector projects forward.

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Unparalleled Expertise

With over 17 years of experience in data and AI recruitment, Harnham has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by the public sector. We leverage this expertise to provide innovative recruitment solutions that keep pace with technological advancements.

Comprehensive Market Knowledge

Our extensive network and detailed market insights allow us to tap into a vast pool of talent, ensuring we deliver precise and effective recruitment solutions tailored to the specific needs of the public sector.

Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our tailored approach ensures that we meet your specific requirements and help you achieve your strategic objectives.


  • Permanent Recruitment

    We specialize in identifying and securing long-term talent who will become integral members of your data and AI teams. Our permanent recruitment solutions focus on finding professionals who align with your organization’s culture and strategic goals, ensuring they make lasting contributions.

  • Contract Recruitment

    Our contract recruitment services offer the flexibility to scale your workforce according to project demands. We provide access to highly skilled data and AI professionals for temporary or project-based engagements, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing needs.

  • Executive Search

    We conduct specialized searches for senior and executive-level roles in the public sector, ensuring your leadership team has the vision and expertise to drive your strategic initiatives. Our executive search services focus on finding leaders who can transform your data capabilities.

  • Upskilling and Data Training

    Elevate your team's data expertise with our all-encompassing training programs covering essential tools and technologies such as Python, SQL, Machine Learning, LLM’s and AI. This empowers your workforce to excel in today's data-driven business landscape.


Connect with the Harnham Public Sector and Higher Education Team

Discover how Harnham’s specialized recruitment services can empower your public sector projects and enhance your organization’s capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored solutions designed to meet your strategic objectives.

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