The Lasting Benefits of Short-Term Workers

Contract workers are generally highly skilled in their respective disciplines. Because of this, they offer a number of benefits to companies who are in need of quick talent solutions, or help with a fast-moving project. However, short-term workers offer more than a quick fix to an urgent problem. In fact, short-term employees can give organisations a fresh perspective and honest insights that, in some cases, can lead to increased innovation. Here are a few of the lasting benefits of short-term workers:

Escaping tunnel vision

When you’re working inside an organisation, it can be easy to fall into certain ways of doing things or develop the blinkered thinking that it is the only approach. It’s understandable that over time you begin to form habits.

In contrast, where short-term workers can really add value is by coming into a workplace completely fresh and assessing situations purely on the information in front of them. They are not influenced by outside factors such as previous situations, or colleagues’ opinions. This clarity of thought can allow them to identify and recognise issues that others may have missed, or take alternative approaches based on their own experiences and opinions.

Avoiding office politics

Another benefit of hiring a short-term worker is the potential for widening the diversity of thought in your workforce and encouraging a range of perspectives. Although it’s important for an interim employee to feel welcome and to able to contribute to a positive team culture, they are not a long-term employee.

As a result, they will likely have a different mindset when it comes to voicing opinions or pointing out areas of improvement. For instance, where it might be difficult for a permanent employee to voice concerns about the effectiveness of a system to their line manager who created it, contract employees will not have the same ties or loyalties to consider.

Team dynamics can be hugely beneficial, but they can also provide obstacles to change. Over time, colleagues will inevitably form professional and personal relationships, and therefore may be wary of suggesting improvements that might cause upset or friction. Short-term workers don’t have these concerns and can express opinions without the fear of backlash, which can lead to greater innovation, growth and improvements for a team.

Additionally, due to being employed for one specific purpose, short-term workers are less likely to get caught up with other tasks that fall outside of their job description, allowing them to remain focused on their work and to operate as efficiently as possible, with a reduced chance of interruption.

A trusted sounding board

With all of this in mind, short-term workers can sometimes be afforded a position of greater trust. For example, safe in the knowledge that they are not being influenced by others, or acting with bias, other employees may be more likely to give weight to their purely fact-based opinion and take heed.

There may also be circumstances where employees will be more honest with these workers without fear of judgement, as they have no prior allegiances, and because, more often than not, they are not a threat to anyone’s job. Part of a contract worker’s role might be to collect information to help to solve a problem.

As a result, being an ‘outsider’ may work in their favour – if employees are more honest, interim workers will likely be able to better identify and resolve the source of the issue. Forging an environment of greater transparency will be a crucial element in creating a workforce open to new ideas.

Complimenting your workforce

Of course, permanent workers are also able to bring elements of the above to the table, but if, as a business, you have hiring needs to fulfil, hiring short-term workers to compliment your already established workforce can be highly beneficial.

Injecting new personalities and experiences into a team that may have been taking the same approach for years, can be the shake-up that sparks new ideas and fosters a culture of innovation. We already know that organisations with a diverse range of employees are more successful, so having a mix of short-term and permanent employees is no different.

For businesses, it’s important to understand that the benefits of short-term workers go far beyond that of simply saving costs and solving a specific problem, they can add a whole new layer to your team, without the commitment of a long-term hire.

If you are interested in investing in your business with a highly skilled, strong communicator on a short-term basis, or you are a candidate interested in the flexibility that a contract role in data offers – get in touch with one of our consultants today.

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