Towards Net-Zero: Harnham Joins London’s Business Climate Challenge (BCC)

Towards Net-Zero: Harnham Joins London’s Business Climate Challenge (BCC)

Currently, 36% of London’s carbon footprint comes from heating and powering the city’s commercial and industrial buildings. Because of this, it’s crucial that London businesses re-evaluate their energy consumption, and cut down their energy use so the city can reach its net-zero emission targets by 2030.

At Harnham, we’re committed to making our workplace more energy efficient. That’s why we’ve joined the Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge (BCC), a voluntary programme that supports businesses to reduce their energy consumption.

By joining the BCC programme, Harnham will receive an audit of our London workplace, which will be conducted by a global environmental consulting firm called WSP. This audit will provide information on how to streamline our energy use, supplemented with training materials on how to implement these best practices. From there, we’ll develop a plan on how to implement these changes.

We’ll be using an energy efficiency & management service platform called io-gen to track our progress.

Marcus Headicar, Head of Operations at Harnham, says:

“At Harnham, we are excited to be involved with the Business Climate Challenge and look forward to seeing the recommended changes have a quantifiable and positive impact on our energy usage and reduce our environmental impact, both during the challenge and beyond”.

Harham is just one of many businesses across London to join the programme. Find out more about the BCC and how your business can get involved.

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