The Fastest Growing Sectors for Contract Work

The Fastest Growing Sectors for Contract Work

Despite economic uncertainty across the globe, several sectors are continuing to experience growth, which has led to a steady flow of employment opportunities for Data & Analytics professionals. This is particularly for contract roles that require niche expertise and skills to complete specific, short-term projects.

Which sectors have been experiencing an upward trajectory? Here’s a look at five industries across the globe that are seeing sustained growth and consequent demand for specialist contract talent:

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI): AI is a key growth sector that is powering demand for contract work for Data & Analytics professionals. ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Chatbots are written about in the media on a daily basis, and behind the scenes, our specialist recruitment consultants are busy sourcing Machine Learning (ML) engineers who can work in various programming languages and data models for our clients.
  2. Information Technology: with remote and hybrid working setups firmly in place, businesses are more reliant than ever on Information Technology and the specialists behind it. Tech roles are in growing demand at software and hardware companies, as well as internet and related service providers and app development.
  3. Cyber Security: barely a day goes by without news of a cyber security breach at organisations of all sizes. This is fuelling a growing demand for Cyber Security professionals to support businesses as they try to defend themselves against the evolving threat of ever more sophisticated scams and hackers.
  4. Telehealth Services: the Telehealth sector distributes health-related services and information using digital information and equipment, such as remote patient/doctor contact, and long-distance monitoring, advice, and intervention.
  5. Green Manufacturing: as international governments work to reduce their nation’s impact on the environment, including the UK’s net zero strategy and energy revolution, the Green Manufacturing and Energy sectors in are experiencing sustained growth. Ongoing investment is on the cards, leading to many thousands of jobs over the coming years to fuel progress.

In reality, there are many more growing sectors with Data & Analytics gaps to fill. The final Tech Nation report, published in March, shares that after an ‘explosive’ decade, the UK’s tech ecosystem is valued at more than $1 trillion and expected to hit $2.6 trillion in the next decade, or higher if the conditions are right.

For this to be possible the report states that, among other factors: “capital and talent must continue to be efficiently recycled through the ecosystem to create additional value”.

The demand for Data & Analytics professionals for permanent and contract-based roles, across global markets is showing no signs of slowing down. The only stumbling block is finding the sector and project that ticks all the boxes. Harnham’s consultants are highly experienced at matching the right people with the right businesses and helping to place talent at all levels on a part-time and full-time basis, depending on the needs of the organisation.

Interested in hiring a data contractor for an upcoming project or expanding your team with a permanent data professional? Our expert team knows the market inside out, and how to reach the best talent out there, get in touch today.

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