AI Leadership and Data Executive Search

With our dedicated data & AI executive search team boasting decades of shared experience, and a vast network stretching from director to C-suite levels across all sectors and industries, we assist both global corporations and ambitious start-ups in securing top-tier leadership talent to accomplish their goals


As leaders in data & AI recruitment, we act as an honest partner capable of sourcing top-tier talent who can not only navigate the current environment but innovate for the future too

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Global Data Executive Search Services

We support businesses of all shapes and sizes, so whether you need a Chief Data Officer in London, a Chief AI Officer in New York, or a Head of Analytics in Amsterdam, we can help your organization achieve your business goals

Our team members hold a minimum of 10 years of experience in their field, and leverage technologies as well as their extensive networks to identify and evaluate potential candidates.


Experienced Search Teams

Our Data executive search team consists of senior consultants, each bringing over 10 years of specialized experience to the table. This extensive expertise ensures an expert understanding of recruitment processes, market dynamics, leadership assessment, and strategic alignment.


Discreet & Confidential Searches

We recognize the sensitivity often required in high-level recruitments and are committed to maintaining the utmost confidentiality for both clients and potential candidates. Our discreet search services are designed to protect the privacy of all parties involved, ensuring that sensitive information is handled with the highest level of professionalism and care.


Expertise in Stealth Mode

For organizations seeking discreet hires for unpublicized projects or those in 'stealth mode,' our team brings extensive experience in managing high-confidentiality searches. We understand the unique challenges of stealth operations and ensure your strategic objectives are met without compromising confidentiality.


Benefits of Working with Harnham's Executive Search Team

One of the significant benefits of partnering with Harnham’s executive search team is our ability to drastically reduce the time it takes to fill an executive-level role. While the industry average for filling such positions is around three months, Harnham’s current time-to-fill is an impressive four weeks.

This accelerated timeline means your business can swiftly access the leadership and expertise it needs without prolonged gaps that could hinder progress.

Choosing Harnham means gaining a partner who is committed to delivering quick and effective results, enabling your organization to maintain momentum and achieve its objectives with the right leadership in place.

Full Data Life Cycle Coverage

Our recruitment and talent teams cover all aspects of the data and AI pipeline, from collection to consumption, across multiple data roles and functions. We specialize in a variety of data roles and functions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and expertise across the field.

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Recent Data Executive and Senior AI Placements 23/24

We have experience placing candidates in the largest FTSE 100 companies all the way down to single-digit startup teams. We're here to solve problems whatever their size, wherever they are.

Chief Data Officers

VP of Analytics

Chief AI Officers

Senior Director of Data Strategy

Head of Data

Principal Data Scientist

Meet our Team

Our approach focuses on identifying leaders who can drive innovation, foster growth, and seamlessly integrate new technologies to enhance operational efficiency and strategic direction.

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Mark Bremer - Managing Director & Partner, UK/EU

Mark joined Harnham in 2015, and since then, he has overseen the team's growth from twenty to over two hundred across four countries. Mark believes that the key to his success has been achieved through a data-driven approach, ensuring that our business practices align with the needs of our partners and customers.

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Jenni Kavanagh - Vice President, North America

Jenni joined Harnham in 2014, moving from the UK to New York City in 2016 to expand our operations in the USA. She has been supporting companies find top talent in the data & AI space with a focus on executive search and is recognized as an expert in consulting businesses on their leadership strategy.

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Ross Henderson - Director, Netherlands

After earning a Master's in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, Ross joined Harnham in 2014. Now based in Amsterdam, Ross heads the Netherlands practice, supporting leading companies in finding top data talent. He is a recognized expert in the Data and AI space, known for his deep knowledge  in both the UK and the Netherlands.

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GLOBAL Data & AI Hiring Insights

Personalized Data Salary Benchmarking Report

Gain the data-driven knowledge you need to confidently design a competitive compensation and data and AI talent retention strategy.

Request a tailored Harnham Personalized Data Salary Benchmarking Report with comprehensive salary insights for up to three specific positions.

Based on our latest Data and AI Salary Guide and real-time proprietary data, these reports offer the most current market compensation information, customized to your business needs.

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