Outsourced Remote Data and AI Talent

Whether you need a single AI specialist or a complex multi-data-team solution, our UK-based Rockborne resources are ready to deploy on your project as quickly as 48 hours.


Our outsourced data talent services offer significant cost savings, typically at half the cost of in-country USA resources or projects. Beyond cost-efficiency, we provide innovation, security, and strategic alignment, enabling businesses to leverage data seamlessly and without hurdles.


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Utilizing our specialized expertise in data and AI, we focus on your core competencies to drive growth and maintain competitiveness in a data-driven landscape.

Our UK-based data consultants are ready to seamlessly integrate into your projects, offering immediate support and expertise. These consultants are equipped to hit the ground running, effectively bridging any gaps in your team and propelling your projects forward.

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Cost Efficiency

Leveraging the UK's cost benefits, which are roughly 50% cheaper per hour than the US, we streamline the recruitment and management of data teams, ensuring alignment with business objectives while effectively reducing expenses.


Rapid Deployment

Our double award-winning pool of highly skilled, UK-based data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence consultants are ready to deliver immediate results for your initiatives and projects


Fast Scalability

We offer short- and long-term agreements, ensuring you receive the right support and resources precisely when needed. This flexibility allows us to provide scaled solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives.

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Language Compatibility

The similar UK work culture and language reduce potential barriers to communication and collaboration.


Quality Service

We have an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as reflected in our impressive NPS score of 80.

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Time Zone Benefits

The manageable time difference between the UK and the US East Coast facilitates effective collaboration.


Ready to deploy today.

With a team of highly skilled data consultants from our Data Consultancy arm, Rockborne, we can deploy experts to your projects within 48 hours.

Our training team can tailor our consultants' training specifically to your company's data environment and culture, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet your unique needs. We also provide bespoke training to upskill your existing data team.

S&P 500 Companies

NASDAQ 100 Companies

Unicorn Start-ups


Series B Companies

Series C Companies

Full Data Life Cycle Coverage

Our recruitment and talent teams cover all aspects of the data and AI pipeline, from collection to consumption, across multiple data roles and functions. We specialize in a variety of data roles and functions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and expertise across the field.

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Comprehensive Support, For Any Tech Stack.

We pride ourselves on our ability to support a diverse range of technological needs. Our expertise spans all major tech stacks, ensuring that we can meet the unique requirements of any project or organization.

Whether you are working with traditional technologies or the latest innovations, our team is equipped to provide top-tier solutions tailored to your specific stack.


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With almost two decades of experience in Data, AI, and Analytics, Harnham Group has consistently demonstrated the ability to tackle even the most complex Talent, Project, and Training challenges.

Why choose Harnham for Outsourced Data Talent?


Personalized Data Salary Benchmarking Report

Gain the data-driven knowledge you need to confidently design a competitive compensation and data and AI talent retention strategy.

Request a tailored Harnham Personalized Data Salary Benchmarking Report with comprehensive salary insights for up to three specific positions.

Based on our latest Data and AI Salary Guide and real-time proprietary data, these reports offer the most current market compensation information, customized to your business needs.

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