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Data and Analytics professionals are crucial to the CPG industry, no matter where they are located, be it the United Kingdom, the United States, or European Union. These experts are responsible for collecting, analysing, and interpreting data to derive valuable insights that inform decision-making and strategic planning within the dynamic CPG industry. Our CPG Data Recruiters specialise in placing Data and Analytics professionals in suitable CPG roles. Offering expert industry knowledge about Data and Analytics roles in the field.

A key contribution of Data and Analytics professionals in the CPG industry is their prowess in leveraging data to identify consumer trends, preferences, and behaviour. By delving into vast amounts of data from diverse sources such as sales data, market research, social media, and customer feedback, they uncover patterns and insights that enable CPG companies to better comprehend consumer needs and preferences. This critical information drives product development, marketing campaigns, and overall business strategy, empowering CPG companies to create products that align with consumer demands and market trends, ultimately resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

Furthermore, Data and Analytics professionals play a pivotal role in optimising supply chain operations within the CPG industry. Their expertise lies in analysing data pertaining to procurement, logistics, warehousing, and distribution to identify opportunities for cost optimisation, process improvement, and inventory management. By identifying inefficiencies and optimising supply chain operations, they assist CPG companies in reducing costs, improving delivery times, and enhancing overall operational efficiency, which is of paramount importance in a highly competitive market landscape.

Moreover, Data and Analytics professionals in the CPG industry also contribute significantly to enhancing customer experience and loyalty. Through meticulous analysis of customer data, they uncover patterns and trends in consumer behaviour, preferences, and feedback, which are then used to develop personalised marketing strategies, loyalty programs, and customer retention initiatives. These efforts result in heightened customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and improved brand reputation. All of which, according to our CPG data recruiters are instrumental in long-term business success.

It is worth noting that the roles and responsibilities of Data and Analytics professionals in the CPG industry may vary slightly across regions like the United Kingdom, the United States, and European Union due to differences in regulations, market dynamics, and consumer behaviour. For instance, data professionals in the UK and EU may need to adhere to stringent data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the collection, use, and storage of personal data. In the US, additional regulatory requirements for consumer health data may need to be considered. To find the ideal candidate for your CPG role, speak to one of our CPG Data Recruiters today!


    • Data Analysis: Strong proficiency in analysing data using statistical techniques and tools, such as Excel, SQL, Python, R, or other data analysis software. Ability to identify patterns, trends, and insights from large datasets and draw meaningful conclusions.
    • Data Visualisation: Proficiency in creating visually appealing and informative data visualisations using tools like Tableau, Power BI, or other data visualisation software. Ability to convey complex data insights in a clear and concise manner to stakeholders.
    • Business Acumen: Understanding of the CPG industry, including knowledge of consumer behaviour, market trends, competitive landscape, and supply chain dynamics. Ability to translate data insights into actionable business recommendations.
    • Predictive Analytics: Knowledge of predictive analytics techniques, such as regression analysis, time series analysis, and machine learning algorithms. Ability to build predictive models to forecast consumer demand, optimise pricing, or optimise supply chain operations.
    • Data Management: Proficiency in data management practices, including data cleansing, data integration, data transformation, and data governance. Ability to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and integrity. To find out more speak to one of our CPG Data Recruiters today!
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Data Science is of the utmost importance in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Data Scientists are expected to be employing sophisticated Analytical and statistical methods to extract insights from large volumes of data. This involves building predictive models to enhance business operations and guide strategic decision-making.

However, the role requires a certain level of adaptability when operating in different regions, such as the UK, EU, and US. In the UK and EU, Data Scientists must adhere to stricter data privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They must ensure that they comply with these regulations when collecting and processing consumer data. Furthermore, cultural differences may influence consumer behaviour and preferences, leading to the need for localised strategies.

Conversely, in the US, Data Scientists may have access to more data due to less stringent data privacy regulations. Nevertheless, they still need to adhere to industry-specific guidelines and best practices. Moreover, with a more substantial and diverse consumer market, Data Scientists may need to utilise more Advanced Analytics tools and techniques to analyse and segment data effectively.

To find the perfect candidate for your CPG business, speak to our CPG Data Recruiters today!


In the field of CPG, Marketing Analysts are accountable for gathering and evaluating information regarding consumer behaviour and market trends to aid in making informed business decisions. They collaborate closely with other departments, including product development, Marketing, and sales, to ensure that their company's products and services satisfy the needs of their target audience.

To gather feedback on products and services, market research analysts must conduct consumer surveys and focus groups. Once they obtain the necessary data from these events, they must analyse sales data to detect patterns and trends in consumer behaviour. Furthermore, they must track market trends and the competitive landscape to identify potential areas for growth and innovation.

Developing and implementing research plans is also a key responsibility of a Marketing Analyst. By doing so, they ensure that data is collected accurately and efficiently. Presenting research findings and recommendations to senior management is also an essential part of their role.

In the CPG recruitment industry, Marketing Analysts must possess strong analytical skills, excellent communication skills, and effective presentation skills. They should be capable of handling vast amounts of data, analysing it efficiently, and drawing insights that can be utilised to inform business decisions. To discover the ideal candidate for your business, speak to one of our CPG Data Recruiters today. Get in contact with us.


As a CRM Executive in the CPG industry, a key responsibility is to leverage Data and Analytics to develop and execute effective customer relationship management strategies. This includes collecting and analysing consumer data to gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences, as well as using this information to optimise targeted marketing campaigns and improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

However, the nuances of the role can vary depending on the region. In the UK and EU, there are stricter data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which require CRM Executives to ensure that all consumer data is collected and used in compliance with these regulations. Additionally, cultural differences may impact consumer behaviour and preferences, necessitating localised strategies.

In the US, CRM Executives may have access to more data due to less stringent data privacy regulations, but they still must ensure that they comply with industry-specific guidelines and best practices. Additionally, with a larger and more diverse consumer market, CRM Executives may need to leverage more advanced Analytics tools and techniques to effectively analyse and segment customer data. To discover more about your business's perfect candidate, speak to our CPG Data Recruiters today!



Product Owners play a pivotal role in the realm of data and analytics in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Their responsibilities encompass overseeing the development and execution of data-driven products and solutions, in close collaboration with cross-functional teams that include data scientists, analysts, business stakeholders, and IT professionals. They are tasked with identifying business needs, defining product requirements, and driving data-informed decision-making.

The role of Product Owners in data and analytics may vary slightly across regions such as the UK, US, and EU, primarily due to distinct regional regulations and market dynamics. In the UK, Product Owners may need to adhere to data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the collection, use, and storage of personal data. Additionally, they may also need to navigate potential changes in data regulations following Brexit, the UK's exit from the EU.

In the US, Product Owners may focus on compliance with data privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), along with other state-specific regulations. Furthermore, they may need to navigate industry-specific regulations, such as those imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food and beverage products or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for advertising and marketing purposes.

Similarly, in the EU, Product Owners may encounter similar challenges as in the UK, with compliance requirements under the GDPR. They may also need to navigate regulatory frameworks that are specific to each country within the EU, which can vary in terms of data protection and privacy requirements. Don't navigate CPG data recruitment alone! Get in contact with us, and speak to our CPG data recruiters today.



When delving into the realm of data and analytics within the ever-evolving Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, the role of commercial pricing analysts takes center stage. These astute analysts wield their expertise to decipher and glean meaningful insights from vast and intricate data sets, spanning historical pricing data, competitor pricing data, customer purchasing patterns, and market trends, in the UK, US, and EU markets alike.

Armed with a repertoire of statistical techniques and cutting-edge analytics tools, commercial pricing analysts embark on a multifaceted mission to unlock pricing opportunities, evaluate pricing strategies, and proffer data-driven recommendations that pave the way for revenue growth and profitability optimization.

Yet, the nuances of this role may not be a one-size-fits-all affair, as divergent market dynamics, regulatory landscapes, and consumer behaviors necessitate a tailored approach. In the UK, the analysts grapple with factors such as the aftermath of Brexit, exchange rate fluctuations, and regional pricing disparities that warrant meticulous consideration. Meanwhile, their counterparts in the US are tasked with navigating regional pricing vagaries, promotional pricing maneuvers, and a competitive landscape dominated by formidable retail giants. On the other hand, analysts in the EU must deftly maneuver through a labyrinth of intricate regulations and guidelines governing pricing, promotions, and discounts across a multitude of countries, each boasting unique consumer preferences and purchasing behaviors.

Collaboration is a key ingredient in the arsenal of commercial pricing analysts, as they work in close conjunction with cross-functional teams encompassing sales, marketing, and finance to ensure alignment of pricing strategies with overarching business objectives. Furthermore, their expertise extends to forging partnerships with external stakeholders, including retailers, vendors, and market research firms, to glean supplementary data and insights that augment their analytical prowess. Want to find the best candidate for your CPG business? Talk to our CPG data recruiters today, they would be happy to speak to you!



CRM Executive


£200 - £250

+ Marketing & Insight


CRM Executive (3 Month Contract)

My leading nutrition client are looking for a highly motivated and skilled CRM Executive to join the team for a 3-month contract. As a CRM Executive, you will be responsible for managing the end-to-end delivery of the CRM campaigns, ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget and to the highest standard.


  • Develop, plan and execute CRM campaigns across multiple channels (email, SMS, push notifications)
  • Manage email marketing campaigns from start to finish, including email design, copywriting, testing, and deployment
  • Analyse campaign data to identify opportunities for improvement and provide recommendations for future campaigns
  • Collaborate with the wider marketing team to ensure consistent messaging and branding across all channels
  • Develop and maintain a deep understanding of our customers, ensuring that campaigns are relevant and engaging


  • Proven experience in a similar role, managing CRM campaigns across multiple channels
  • Experience working with email service providers (Adobe Campaign desirable)
  • Strong understanding of email marketing best practices and email deliverability
  • Good attention to detail and ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Experience with Responsys would be advantageous

This is a 3-month contract role paying up to £230 per day, with the possibility of extension. If you are an experienced CRM Executive with a passion for delivering successful campaigns, I would love to hear from you.

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