The Evolution Of Product Data Roles | Harnham Recruitment post

In this post-COVID era, all sectors have had to adapt to the dramatic pace of technological change – including Data & Analytics.   Many in our regional teams, whether in the UK, across Continental Europe or the US, have, over recent months, come across a new role which has its roots in the pandemic and its hastening of the digital shift.  Indeed, our colleagues have noted an increase in demand for a role which sits in between the very technical Data roles and the Marketing and Insight roles. It is someone, or a team, that creates a bridge between the two.   Whilst there isn’t just one name associated with this new hybrid role, businesses have referred to it as Data Manager, Product Manager and Product Owner.  As marketing continues to shift from a purely creative process into a data-driven field in this digital environment, we take a deep-dive into why this role has been created, and which candidates businesses are looking to hire to fill these roles.  A necessary evolution  During the pandemic and following the persisting trend of online shopping, brand-led businesses have continued to increase demand for Data Insights and Analytics roles as well as Marketing and Insights specialists.  Because businesses recognise how breaking down silos and investing in tech infrastructure can translate into stronger online sales in an already crowded market, recruiting teams are now looking for mid-and senior-level Product Managers with experience in IT delivery and core data languages to scale up their business in the post-pandemic era.  This is especially true in the retail sector, where there has been an uptick in detailed data-driven analytics used to drive customer targeting. A 2021 report found 83 per cent of job postings in retail mentioned at least one strong digital skill. That number grew to a staggering 100 per cent of job roles in the Marketing sector.  Hybrid roles  These technical roles used to be separate, but we are now observing the fact that they are being blended together alongside other business skills.  As Data Manager, Product Manager or Product Owner, candidates are expected to have in-depth coding knowledge but, can also seamlessly translate the code and software into digestible information and analysis for Marketing and Insight to take and create meaningful visuals and learnings with, to respond to consumer needs.   According to our colleagues, hiring managers are now looking for candidates with experience with SQL, Python, Snowflake, Google Analytics, Excel, and data visualisation tools such as Tableau. Businesses have said key skills could also include experience in business analysis.  In this line, as part of this holistic evolution, last year also saw the explosion of demand for Chief Data Officers – a multi-disciplinary role spanning IT, customer service, business analysis and digital marketing with varying responsibilities depending on the sector.  Whether you are looking for your next opportunity in Data & Harnham, we can help. Take a look at our latest Product Data jobs or get in touch with one of our expert consultants to find out more.