The New Boom Town: Phoenix, the Next Tech Hub

When you think of booming tech cities, what cities come to mind? Seattle. San Francisco. Phoenix. New York. Wait, back up. Phoenix?

Yep, but this one isn’t rising from the ashes, it’s setting the stage for the tech industry with a focus on Data and Analytics, Data Science, Computer Vision, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence (BI).

The tech industry in Phoenix is booming, and it’s no little thing. Job growth in the valley has grown exponentially in the last year or so with no signs of slowing down. The Data and Analytics market has exploded bolstered by Arizona State University’s programs in Data and Analytics. So, not only are the new businesses flooding into the valley contributing to the exponential growth, but the community and school are helping to drive the boom on multiple fronts.


While autonomous articles within Computer Vision remain a major market, one area currently finding focus is Business Analytics or Business Intelligence (BI). This is where the rubber meets the road for that unicorn employee. You know the one – can dig deep into the technical stuff, then turn around and explain findings in layman’s terms to the executives, stakeholders, and business leaders.

Every business is using data-driven business analytics departments to help deliver insights for better decision-making to answer questions, fuel profits, drive revenue, and improve products and services. Business Intelligence begins with Data Engineers and Data Scientists to clean and analyze the incoming data into a variety of verticals and industries for every business. It’s the final set of eyes that becomes the dashboards and the visuals to help explain the incoming Data.

For a lot of companies, Business Intelligence is the end result of data science and data engineering and those more downstream processes. Here in Phoenix, the biggest impact we’ve seen in the last year has been in Business Intelligence, followed closely by Data Science and Machine Learning. These roles are in high demand because they’re on the cutting edge of the process to help create and consume Data.

A lot of companies did well post quarantine, pandemic time through 2021 and 2022 which meant tremendous growth for businesses across industries. With growth comes the opportunity to drive different initiatives, evolve the business, and finish those projects you needed those final sets of eyes on – Business Analytics or Business Intelligence. These are the individuals who can help you make decisions using Data and can help your business take that next step.


The job market these days can be dizzying; intensely competitive and frustrating. So, if you’ve ever wondered, what you can do to stand out, you’d be surprised at the simplicity.

Read the job description. Make sure your qualifications match what the client is looking for. The key here is to save yourself, your hiring manager, and your prospective employer time.
Simplify your resume. It seems counterintuitive. After all, this is for a technical position. But here’s the thing. The hiring manager already knows what you’ll be doing in the role you’re applying for and will have a good idea of what kind of skills that role requires. So, if you look at your resume and you look at a description of a role you’ve had recently and it’s three paragraphs long, pare it down to five sentences.

There are two benefits to just paring down your job descriptions.

The hiring manager can read it quickly and understand at a base level your experience.
By sharing a little less on paper, they can dig deeper into your experience during your first or second round of interviews.

There has been a shift in the labour market as people look for new challenges or new opportunities, and businesses are striving to keep up. Often, they’ll promote from within and reach out to Harnham to supplement their needs.


There is tremendous opportunity in Data and Analytics here in the valley. If you’re looking for a remote role and think you can only find them in the Tier 1 cities, think again. You’ve got the option right here in your own backyard, and we’re here to help you navigate the process.

Want to be a big part of growing Phoenix into a tech hub across the country and help companies take the next step toward becoming juggernauts in their respective industries? Harnham may have a role for you. Check out our current vacancies or contact one of our expert consultants to learn more.

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