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The Scandinavian summer is short, and the law in some parts dictates a 4-week holiday when Swedes and their Nordic neighbours down tools and head out of the city to rest and reset. As hiring managers return from their summer homes, with the worst of the pandemic behind them, the labour market is reignited and demand is exceeding supply. The Data & Analytics market in particular is positively affected by shifts in consumer behaviour as a result of COVID-19.Now, as the summer lull turns into an autumnal rush, hiring managers are seeking to fill roles both in the main tech hubs of Stockholm and Oslo as well as satellite cities where the talent pools are less well-stocked. Of course, this year it’s all very different to the norm as the region grapples with the fallout of the pandemic.An increase in demand for Marketing and Insights This year, after September especially, we’ve seen, and continue to see, a rapid increase in demand for M&I specialists. We’re fielding a number of inbound enquiries from new clients looking to fill data insights and analytics roles that renowned Swedish public service suppliers are unable to fulfil through their roster of incumbent recruitment partners, calling instead on our expertise as a specialist tech recruiter. Conversations that began with hiring managers earlier in the year are fast turning into live requirements, particularly in the retail sector, which has seen an upturn in data-driven analytics around CRM – likely a result of the continuing trend to online shopping. While the high street has picked up, the Nordic economy proving more stable and resilient than the UK, the convenience of e-commerce is fuelling the requirement for tech talent within retail. With Amazon not having launched in Sweden until last October and Tradera, the Nordic Ebay, having a high market share, the Swedes, Danes, Finns, and Norwegians show loyalty to their domestic brands and understand the value of supporting their own businesses.A greater emphasis on data rather than creativeThe roles within Marketing and Insights are data-heavy, businesses understanding the value of investing in their tech infrastructure to support online sales, in what is predicted will become an increasingly saturated market. As brands develop their digital retail operations, leaning on their creative marketing teams to find insightful ways to maintain a competitive advantage, they are actively seeking talent to bridge the gap between Data and Marketing. Those candidates that speak the language of both data science and marketing are best placed to meet demand. The key skills hirers are calling on right now include experience with SQL, Python, Snowflake, Google Analytics, Excel, and data visualisation tools such as Tableau as SMEs look to scale up post-pandemic. Demand to recruit skilled talent is high as resource is needed now to support lean businesses in scaling up post-COVID-19. Most companies are looking for mid- and senior-level hires who can hit the ground running until such a time where their feet are on more stable ground. Salaries are secondaryStockholm continues to be a hive of activity, the job market buoyant and the talent pool rich. Further afield, however, businesses are finding it more difficult to recruit as candidates seek roles that align closely with their values and ethics, rather than chase high salaries. What candidates are truly looking for in the post-pandemic era are employers who are willing to invest in them and their future. They want to join businesses with strong training programmes and opportunities to upskill, they want a good work/life balance and they want to be able to thrive, not just survive. With other recruiters working closely with universities to place fresh talent, Harnham, is well suited to meet the needs of Nordic businesses right now. Whether you are looking for your next opportunity in Data and Insights in the Nordics or need to build out a data team in the region, Harnham can help. Take a look at our latest jobs in the Nordics or get in touch with our expert Nordics consultants to find out more. 

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