Weekly News Digest: 4th – 8th April 2022 | Harnham Recruitment post

This is Harnham’s weekly news digest, the place to come for a quick breakdown of the week’s top news stories from the world of Data & Analytics.Silicon Republic: Why no-code AI is the next frontier of software development Most AI tools are powered by code, which was most likely built by a team of highly skilled engineers and developers. But as technology has evolved there’s a push to make it simpler and more accessible. That’s where low-code or no-code comes in. These types of AI allow anyone to deploy machine learning and AI models using little to no code with visual interfaces. Computer scientist and former IBM researcher, Dr Michelle Zhou, is a big advocate of no-code AI. “Software is eating the world and artificial intelligence is only accelerating it. This is why the future of software is no-code and the next frontier is no-code AI,” she said. Zhou shared that she believes no-code AI is the future and mediums that require deep coding expertise and massive computational power will become obsolete. However, building smart machines that can effectively help people takes time and resources that many organisations don’t have access to – creating a huge AI divide.Zhou created an AI company to not only build cognitive AI assistants but to create a design studio that allows people to design the customised AI assistant they want, without needing to code it from scratch. This no-code future will hopefully help to narrow the AI divide and ensure AI becomes more accessible.  To read more about this, click here. Analytics Insight: Five in-demand technical skills for data scientists in 2022With the increasing transformation of industries, the field of data science is exploding. To be flawless in the profession, data scientists must master key programming languages and develop great communication and interpersonal skills. As the usage of data grows, so does the demand for skilled data scientists.In this piece, Analytics Insight explores the most in-demand skills employers are looking for and how to develop these skills so that you can find a job as a data scientist.MathsProgrammingAnalytical toolsMachine learningData wranglingBy creating a strong foundation in both technical and non-technical skills, candidates are able to stand out in this increasingly competitive market.To read more about this, click here.CMS Wire: Google’s move away from universal analytics Google recently announced that its Universal Analytics program will stop collecting new data from July 1st, 2023 – so what does this mean for digital analysts? The new analytics programme taking its place, Google Analytics 4, will provide better privacy protection, using data-driven assignment to analyse the impact of marketing efforts across the entire customer journey, according to Google. Dialpad CMO, Morgan Norman, has emphasised the need for marketing teams to plan and strategise for this big change. “How does the marketing team partner with the development team? Will your team need and depend on historical data? If so, how do you plan to preserve this data? And how will you integrate it into your customer view after the transition?” he asked.There are various elements that will go into the transition from UA to GA4, but companies need to ensure they’re keeping track of all historical data while planning for future data capturing.  This change is a big deal for almost all website owners and digital marketers, and it’s not going to be a simple one. The best way teams can prepare is to be over-prepared and ready for the new changes. To read more about this, click here.ZD Net: Remote and hybrid work – five tips for making it a successEmployers are implementing a variety of different working models as they recognise the need for flexibility in the battle for quality talent. However, this new normal has brought about some unique challenges and grey areas when it comes to hybrid/remote working. Some companies like DevOps platform, GitLab, have always been remote and can offer some wisdom on the best practices involved in successful hybrid/remote working. Below, the company has shared some helpful advice and tips.  Hire a Head of RemoteEnable healthy workspacesLevel up your remote leadership skillsEncourage a healthy work lifestyleSay no to unnecessary meetingsAdhering to some hybrid rules like the ones listed above will help employers to ensure there’s a level playing field and expectations are set out clearly for employees to agree to and work from. To read more about this, click here. We’ve loved seeing all the news from Data & Analytics in the past week, it’s a market full of exciting and dynamic opportunities. To learn more about our work in this space, get in touch with us at info@harnham.com.    

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