Weekly News Digest: 3rd – 7th January 2022 | Harnham Recruitment post

This is Harnham’s weekly news digest, the place to come for a quick breakdown of the week’s top news stories from the world of Data & Analytics.Towards Data Science: Six helpful tips for acing your data science interviewNew year, new job?Data science is exploding in popularity due to the role it plays in the future of technology as well as the valuable insights it gives to business leaders to help them make better-informed decisions. As a result, there’s a huge demand for data scientists in 2022. Towards Data Science shares some of its best advice for acing a data science job interview so you can successfully break into the field and kickstart your career: Research the job profile and the organisationPractice business case questionsBe thorough with your CV4. Practice machine learning, statistics and modelling questionsReview confusing data science terms Know your data science projects inside and outData science interviews can be daunting but being prepared and confident in your experience and knowledge will help you land the job and start 2022 off with a bang. To read more about this, click here. MarTech: Three ways marketers can build trust with data ethicsIs adherence to data ethics the new standard for modern marketing?Consumers are demanding online privacy more than ever before. At the top of every marketing team’s priority list is ensuring they are practising within all the legal and ethical data regulations.According to Priscilla Debar, Acoustic’s Associate General Counsel: “It’s about fostering a relationship between your brand and your customers that is built on trust. Partnering with the law to embrace an ethical approach to your data collection and news does that.”At a recent MarTech conference, Debar shared three tactics she recommends to marketers for building customer trust through proper data ethics: Adhere to data ethics within our privacy landscapePartner with legal teamsLeverage data ethics as a competitive differentiatorIt’s important for modern marketing professionals to adhere to data ethics laws to prevent legal trouble. However, consumers seeing the transparency and ethical decision making will have an even greater impact on building a trusting relationship. To read more about this, click here. The Next Web: Three signs analytics engineering is the job for youAre you interested in a career as an Analytics Engineer?  The Next Web outlines some signs that it could be the role for you and your skillset. You like to be involved in both engineering and business strategy. As an Analytics Engineer, you’ll be building the tools and processes that the team needs from you. The business team are your stakeholders, and you’ll work closely together to inform and drive decisions for marketing, growth, and product. Writing Structured Query Language (SQL) is your biggest superpower. According to The Next Web, to build a successful Analytics Engineering career, you need to sleep, eat and breathe SQL. Companies need to rely on someone who can write and run code for fast and dependable data models. You’ve found great success in setting up systems. You’ll be expected to build data pipelines, structure the data warehouse, and set data governance practices – which can be an integral part of a data-driven organisation. While you do need specific qualities to succeed as an analytics engineer, you also need to enjoy both the engineering and business elements of the role. These skills can be time-consuming and complex, but if you enjoy the work, it will benefit both you, and the company you choose to work for.  To read more about this, click here. The Free Press Journal: Top five trends likely in fintech sector in 2022What Fintech trends should we expect to see throughout 2022?New-age technologies, the potential of data, and advanced analytics have had a huge impact on the fast-paced growth of fintech in the past year, and it’s only going to increase as we enter the metaverse. Here are the trends The Free Press Journal expects us to see in the fintech sector in 2022:End-to-end digitisationThe shift to non-tier-one marketsCryptocurrency boom amongst investorsCybersecurity will become imperativeRise of Blockchain in lendingThe rise of Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceThe pandemic has drastically changed people’s conception of money and financial security, which has fielded the fintech industry over the last two years. And as we see more integration of AI, ML, and IoT, we can expect to see more automated actions and contextual, real-time decision making.To read more about this, click here. We’ve loved seeing all the news from Data & Analytics in the past week, it’s a market full of exciting and dynamic opportunities. To learn more about our work in this space, get in touch with us at info@harnham.com.    

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