Weekly News Digest: 31st January – 4th February 2022 | Harnham Recruitment post

This is Harnham’s weekly news digest, the place to come for a quick breakdown of the week’s top news stories from the world of Data & Analytics.KD Nuggets: How to build your career in data scienceThe role of a Data Scientist is the second-best job in America according to Glassdoor. KD Nuggets has shared a brilliant guide for Data Scientists looking to improve and build their careers in 2022. Let’s look at some of the highlights below.:A Data Scientist is someone who has been employed to analyse and interpret complex data. To succeed in the field, you need to have hard skills such as analysis, data visualisations, machine learning, and statistics. However, there are numerous roles to consider before honing in on the required hard skills for each – here are some of the most common careers in data science. Data Scientist Senior Data Scientist Business Intelligence Analyst Data Mining Engineer Data Architect The requirement to become a Data Scientist is difficult, however, once you have completed the right education, you will be able to reap the benefits, KD Nuggets says. Ready to start your career in Data Science? To read more about this, click here. Inside Big Data: How AI-powered language is enhancing customer engagementHow can Natural Language Processing (NLP) help enhance customer engagement?A recent data report by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) content generation and decisioning company, Persado, examined how  AI-powered language can positively impact and enhance customer engagement. Decision makers in various industries such as retail, manufacturing, and professional services, were surveyed to highlight the importance of AI-enabled technologies. The report revealed some interesting insight into the marketing capabilities:Natural Language Processing will continue to grow in prominence for marketersPersonalised content remains critical for customer engagement, with more marketers relying on AI to create their offeringsA shifting customer privacy landscape necessitates a renewed focus on first-party dataAdvanced digital marketing technologies will play an increasing role in driving revenueAI-enabled marketing technologies are capable of generating engaging content, personalised customer experiences, and improving how businesses can use data to gain insights. To read more about this, click here. Analytics Insight: The ten best big data tutorials on YouTube watch right nowLooking for a quick explainer on Hadoop? Analytics Insight shares some of the best tutorials as a great place to start. Starting out in the world of Big Data can be challenging and often overwhelming. Take a look at the free YouTube channels and videos on offer below to help you learn more about the topic and practice your skills before diving in:Big Data Tutorial For Beginners | What Is Big Data | Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Training | EdurekaWhat is Hadoop? | Introduction To Hadoop | Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners | SimplilearnBig Data & Hadoop Full Course – Learn Hadoop in 10 Hours | Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners | EdurekaHadoop Training | Hadoop Tutorial | IntellipaatBig Data In 5 Minutes | What is Big Data? | Introduction To Big Data | Big Data Explained | SimplilearnHadoop Tutorial for Beginners | What is Hadoop? | Hadoop Tutorial | Hadoop Training | SimplilearnApache Hadoop Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners | Big Data Hadoop | Hadoop Training | EdurekaWhat is Hadoop | Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners | Introduction to Hadoop | Hadoop Training | EdurekaHadoop In 5 Minutes | What is Hadoop? | Introduction To Hadoop | Hadoop Explained | SimplilearnHadoop Tutorial for Beginners | Hadoop Tutorial | Big Data Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners | HadoopReady to start a successful career in Big Data? Get learning!To read more about this, click here. Datamation: How companies are dealing with the talent shortage in data scienceAccording to industry leaders, companies need to reconsider how they source and retain Data Science talent amid the shortage of talent in the industry. Datamation shares some key strategies for maximising your Data Science talent pool with these five tips:Upskill existing employeesGive data teams better tools, processes, and supportOffer networking and education for new data scientists and partner with schoolsProvide transparent career road mapsDevelop and project a recognisable brand voiceImproved hiring practices, increased retention focus, and a heavier emphasis on efficient tools and teams; these are just some of the ways companies are combatting the data science talent shortage. To read more about this, click here. We’ve loved seeing all the news from Data & Analytics in the past week, it’s a market full of exciting and dynamic opportunities. To learn more about our work in this space, get in touch with us at info@harnham.com.    

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