The Harnham 2019 Data & Analytics Salary Guide Is Here | Harnham Recruitment post

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 2019 UK, US and European Salary Guides.With over 3,000 respondents globally, this year’s guides are our largest and most insightful yet. Looking at your responses, it is overwhelmingly clear that the Data & Analytics industry is continuing to thrive. This has led to an incredibly active market with 77% of respondents in the UK and Europe, and 72% in the US, willing to leave their role for the right opportunity. Salary expectations remain high, although we’re seeing that candidates often expect 2-10% more than they actually achieve when moving between roles. Globally, we’ve also seen a change in the reasons people give for leaving a position, with a lack of career progression overtaking an uncompetitive salary as the main reason for seeking a change.  There also remains plenty of room for industry improvement when looking at gender parity; the UK market is only 25% female and this falls to 23% in the US and 21% across the rest of Europe. In addition to our findings, the guides also include insights into a variety of markets and recommendations for both those hiring, and those seeking a new role. You can download your copies of the UK, US and European guides here.

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