Supporting Our Roots | Harnham Recruitment post

There are two places that Harnham will forever be tied to; Wimbledon, home to our UK team since our inception 15 years ago, and Harnham, our namesake. While we often look to support the Data & Analytics industry with our charitable efforts, it’s also important for us to remember where came from and continue to support our roots. As such, we have recently donated towards the restoration of Harnham Village Hall, or as it’s soon to be called “Harnham Hub”. This 60-year-old building plays an essential role in the community but is in desperate need of a new roof, heating system and accessible enhancements so that it can be used by all. From artists and kids’ clubs, to support groups and community bee keeping, Harnham Hub will provide a space for all to socialise, learn and find help. We know from our work with In2ScienceUK how important having access to facilities and support is to the potential of young people and we hope our contribution will go some way to providing more opportunities to the people of Harnham. If you’d like to find out more about Harnham Hub or make a donation yourself, please click here. 

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