Kickstarting Your New Year’s Job Search | Harnham US Recruitment post

New year, new you? How about: new year, new job. Many of us are making new year’s resolutions to get a new job. Maybe you want to make more money in 2022. Or maybe you want to be happier in 2022 and are sick of your old job. Whatever the case, here are six tips for kickstarting your new year’s job search.1. Target What You WantGet clear on what kind of job you want. What industry do you want to be in? What kind of tasks do you want to do? Are there any industries or tasks you know you really don’t want any part of?Go beyond just the job duties and industries. What kind of culture do you want to work in? Do you want steady and reliable or are you looking for an exciting startup? What kind of perks do you want? Do you want a flexible work environment? Is it critical to be able to work from home?Once you know what you want in a job, it’s time to make a list of target companies. Websites like are helpful to get the dirt on company culture. They compile all the Data for you in one place. Just keep in mind that unhappy employees are more likely to write on those kinds of websites.2. Update Your ResumeYour next move should be to update your resume. It’s likely you have developed some new skills or experiences since the last update.75% of resumes are rejected before even reaching a hiring manager. They didn’t make it through the tracking system that scans resumes for keywords. Get into the 25% that make it to the hiring manager by adding keywords from the job applications.Make a long-form resume with all of your experience and skills listed. If you have a long-form one, it will be easy to cut out the non-relevant work experience and skills for each application.3. Expand Your NetworkUp to 85 per cent of jobs in the U.S. are filled through networking. A big chunk of your job searching effort should be spent networking.Join local networking groups. Or find events and groups where the employees of companies you are interested in are gathering.Call up people you know and ask them to do informational interviews. Keep in mind that these interviews are just to get a better understanding of what they do at their job. You don’t want to seem like you are exploiting them for a job offer. 4. Refresh Your Interviewing SkillsJob interviews are always nerve-wracking. Thanks to the pandemic, you might be feeling even more nervous about talking to people. That is understandable after several years of limited social interactions.Refresh your skills. You could join a group like toastmasters. Look up local networking groups and join. If being in person isn’t an option, many of these groups are now meeting online.5. DeclutterThe new year is a great time for a physical and digital decluttering. This will start you off fresh and organized. Plus, being organized looks great for potential employers.Don’t let decluttering get in the way of actual work you need to do like filling out your job applications. When you have the extra time, work on decluttering.6. Think Outside of The BoxWhat would get you noticed? Are there things you have heard about other people doing that worked for them? Maybe your friend created a video resume? Or you heard of someone bringing holiday cookies into the office they have been interviewing with? Do what you need to get noticed. Just be mindful of the culture and what is appropriate. A large, corporate environment might not appreciate cookies, but a small company might.Think outside the box when looking at job opportunities too. Maybe the best way into your ideal job isn’t the standard full-time, full benefits route. More and more employees are turning to contract work in the hopes that it will lead to full-time positions. If you’re looking for a new role in the world of Data & Analytics, we can help. Take a look at our latest opportunities right here. 

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