How Is Hiring For DevOps In Germany Speeding Up? | Harnham Recruitment post

The DevOps market is experiencing strong and continued growth. In fact, recent forecasts tell us that the global DevOps market accounted for $4,461.2 million in 2020 and may reach up to $23,362.8 million by 2027. That’s an impressive surge. As we look at this growth, there are a myriad of opportunities stemming from the continued success of the DevOps market to pull apart.One of the most prominent opportunities lies within Germany. Home to some of the best established (and most dynamic) tech hubs in Europe from Berlin to Munich to Hamburg; the number of DevOps opportunities are vast and show no signs of slowing.The market for DevOps in Germany is transforming. Here’s how.DevOps is becoming a critical part of a businessDevOps reduces the most important aspect that every business looks for, and that is the reduction and the deployment of time. It helps to streamline processes, drive productivity, and provide a well-rounded experience for consumers and employees alike.For example, this can look at the delivery of code to the production and then to the live environment. So, it all just comes down to how quickly companies can get their products out. And with DevOps, that time is completely reduced because everything is now automated and run on the cloud. It’s an autonomous process. It’s facing a candidate-led marketDevOps is currently an area that is experiencing high demand, with too little supply to keep pace. Fundamentally, there’s a real issue with sourcing high-quality candidates.Across the German function, our teams have approximately 12,000 active job postings for DevOps in Germany. But, visibly within the market, we have just 3,000 candidates with the job title of DevOps Engineer or Senior DevOps Engineer. This means that the demand is four times as much as the supply; we’re in a very fast-paced market. As a result of this, on average, each candidate, regardless of their seniority or experience in DevOps, is receiving around two to three offers at once.In particular, candidates skilled in AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Terraform are amongst the frequently sought-after. There’s been rapid changeIn the last six months, we noticed a lot of fluctuation. There was not a lot of hiring taking place, but for those roles that were being filled, there was a significant salary decrease, which put candidates off exploring new opportunities. At that point, an average salary was around €70,000. However, this has changed dramatically now, as the average salary for DevOps Engineers move from around €85,000 upwards. This rapid increase can only be explained by the severe candidate shortages the industry is facing and companies are doing whatever they can to entice talent. More and more industries are seeing the value of DevOpsFrom start-ups all the way to large corporates, everybody’s trying to get a built-in DevOps structure.From health-tech, e-commerce, fintech and beyond, the need for this function within teams across a number of industries is becoming more apparent. Pretty much every industry has a demand for at least one or two DevOps Engineers. If it’s not in DevOps, then it’s at least a cloud architect or a cloud automation engineer.However, one trend we have seen is the exclusion of the pharma industry in realising the need for DevOps teams to support their work. We’re keen to help them to understand its value, particularly when it comes to handling large amounts of sensitive data and utilising this in the best way. For Life Sciences and Pharma, DevOps will be the next big discovery. It’s just about pointing them in the right direction.As more organisations and industries experience growth across major German cities, there will be a domino effect, as the value and time efficiency of these candidates comes to the fore.Organisations that had once stalled or stopped hiring are now looking to fill those gaps, and new ones too, as the economy unlocks, and organisations need the skills of DevOps Engineers to get projects moving. The role of specialists to help to secure the right candidate, away from the most visible talent pools, has never been more important for organisations seeking the best engineers.Now is the time to make your next DevOps hire in Germany. Don’t miss out on top talent. Get in touch today.

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