Episode 6: Getting Into the Data Industry Without a STEM Degree

In this episode of The Data & AI Podcast Rockbornes Amy Foster is joined by data leaders Manca Vitorino, Caroline Zimmerman and Harleen Thethy to give their expertise and experiences regarding transitioning into the data industry from a non-STEM background. They discuss a variety of topics, from the biggest challenges they faced initially, to tips for any non-STEM grads looking to get into the industry.

Intro 00:00-01:32

What inspired you to start a career in data 01:32-08:40

Were there challenges for you transitioning into data 08:40-16:35

How did you go about learning the technical aspect 16:35-22:40

What are your responsibilities as a leader in data? What are the fields in data one can focus on? 22:40-31:22

What is a fun fact you found in the data industry that changed your life? 31:22-35:22

Most challenging bit of your career to date? 35:22-40:55

Any tips to overcome imposter syndrome? 40:55-45:00

How do you think employers/data industry could encourage more people from a non STEM background to join the industry?  45:00-50:33

Any advice for a non STEM grad looking to get into data? 50:33-53:27

Wrapping up 53:27-54:06