Episode 5: Diversity Equity & Inclusion - How Data Leaders Can Take Action

In our most recent podcast episode, Harnham's India Walker-Smith sits down with experienced data leader Anita Caras to discuss leadership in the data space, and why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) needs to be part of every data leader's leadership strategy. This episode focuses on the ups and downs of leading in the data space as well as giving advice to people who may be new in a leadership role.  

00:09-1:10 – India introducing Anita and asks her to summarise her career.

1:10-4:45 – Anita explains her career journey.

4:45-7:36 – What was your first leadership role?

07:36-11:34 - How did you end up going for the position of Global Co Chair of the Women’s Inclusion Network.

11:34 – 15:05 –How were your diversity and inclusion initiatives received at the time?

15:05-15:42 –When in your career were these initiatives taking place?

15:42 – 22:13 – What was the biggest challenge you faced in your career?

22:13 – 26:43 – What’s been the biggest success of your career?

26:43 – 31:51 – What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen throughout your career?

31:51 – 34:33 - How inclusive policies can start important conversations, and how can we move beyond them in the future?

34:33 – 39:41 - Any advice for someone who is new to the leadership space?

39:41-41:33 - What can leaders do to facilitate diversity and inclusion?

41:33-End -Thank you’s and outros.