Episode 3: Key Findings from Harnham’s 2023 UK Data & AI Salary Guide

 This episode was recorded LIVE on LinkedIn -  Harnham’s Kirsty Garshong, India Walker-Smith, Jamie Smith are joined by Rockborne’s CEO Waseem Ali to discuss the         following:

- What’s driving people to change roles

- What skills and data tools are in high demand

- The “AI storm”, and how it’s impacting the sector as a whole

- Average salary increases between roles

- And much more!

00:00-03:05 Intro

03:05-08:50 Stability through uncertainty for the data industry and pay increases 08:50-16:00 Return to office

16:00-18:05 More JD requiring more technical data skills even in insight-focused roles

18:05-27:39 Main reasons for people leaving their roles and top benefits of attracting candidates

27:39-30:00 Importance on softer skills and how to make sure your CV covers this aspect

30:00-36:19 Top benefits for attracting talent

36:19-44:00 AI and how its affecting jobs in the data & tech industry

44:00-46:00 Most popular technology used in data space

46:00-49:40 How important is cloud and which one is preferred by brands? Is AWS preferred over Azure and Google?

49:40-55:35 Are there any up-and-coming tools expected to be important next year

55:35-57:07 wrapping up

Download the UK Salary Guide here: https://datasalaryguide.harnham.com/