Episode 2 - Data Literacy (with Waseem Ali & David Reed)

In this episode of The Data & AI Podcast Rockborne’s CEO Waseem Ali talks with author and Chief Knowledge Officer of DataIQ - David Reed. They discuss the concept of data literacy – everything from what it is and how to implement it into an organisation's data strategy, to how data literacy and AI will intertwine as AI becomes more prolific.

 If you want to learn even more about the topics discussed in this episode then pick up David's book ‘Becoming Data Literate’ here.


00:00-04:00 - Introduction to David


04:00-06:08 - What is data literacy?


06:08-27:20 - Proving the value of putting data literacy at the forefront of your data strategy?


27:20-41:15 - Discussion around AI and how it’s impacting data roles and society as a whole.


41:15-46:00 - What role do data leaders have to play in terms of increasing data literacy – the benefits of

education and upskilling in the face of AI.


46:00-50:15 - How is the role of the data leader evolving?


50:15-52:15 - Three tips for new data leaders.


52:15-54:38 - David’s question for the next guest – how do you cope with the breadth of the domain?


54:38-End - Wrapping up.