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Earth Day is not a day for doom and gloom. It’s not a day for sorrow or sadness. It’s a day of hope. Hope that we can turn things around and make the Earth a healthy and clean home. Hope that our actions do make a difference. What are some of the ways Data Science is helping to tackle the climate crisis? Data Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink?We are tracking everything we can about climate change. From the actual climate Data like CO2 levels and average global temperate to the impacts of the changing climate like disease pattern changes, ice melt, and food systems. All of this tracking equals a whole lot of Data. And the amount of Data collected just continues to grow each year.The first step to improving our impact on the environment is to understand the massive amount of Data being thrown our way.Data Science helps collect, process, and understand that Data. Without Data Science, one could argue we would be drowning in information we can’t use. In fact, many innovations now are driven not by the invention of new methods or new materials, but by finally having the ability to process Big Data. So much so, that this phenomenon has been given a name: Data-Driven Innovation.Drive Change Through Better Decision MakingOne of the main ways Data Science is being leveraged to help fight climate change is through developing climate forecasts and predictions.Not only do these forecasts and predictions help communicate the scale of the crisis to the public, but they also help drive decision-making.Thanks to Data Science and Machine Learning, world leaders can see in real-time how decisions impact carbon emissions. Through these technologies, we can also better understand the environmental, economic, and social consequences of our changing climate.Artificial Intelligence is being used to understand patterns much quicker than a human scientist ever could. We can now make better decisions, faster – all thanks to Data Science.In a topic as complex as the global climate, there are bound to be uncertainties and ambiguities in the Data. Data Science helps sort through and clarify the ambiguities, so we use the best Data when making decisions.Putting Power Back in Individual HandsData Technology, like the Internet of Things (IoT), does more than just help us track our steps or control our home using our phones. Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO of Kaiserwetter, the market’s first energy IntelliTech company, argues that it can also save our world.This sounds like a big promise, but he may be right. Fixing our environmental problems depends on us all making positive changes, as individuals and corporations. IoT sensors can be used to track carbon emissions or the amount of energy consumed. They can be used for simple things, like realizing you left the stove on, to large things, like realizing your manufacturing plant needs to improve. The Internet of Things puts the Data and, most importantly, the ability to interpret that Data directly in our individual hands. This helps us make better decisions without relying on someone else to feed us the Data.Keeping Our Focus on The SolutionWe would get nowhere if we were only focused on tracking the problem. Yes, knowing the problem is the first step, but we also need to focus on the solutions.Data Science is driving the development and innovation of solutions for different environmental issues. Like we said before, Data-Driven Innovation is a big deal in our current world.Some researchers are applying Deep Learning to better position wind turbines. Maximizing the energy output helps make wind energy as efficient as possible. We can filter out unnecessary data points and focus on the ones that really matter. Others are developing energy-efficient materials, developing more sustainable infrastructure, or developing better agricultural models. All play a role in fighting climate change – thanks to Data Science.If you’re interested in Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, or Robotics just to name a few, Harnham may have a role for you. Take a look at our latest Data Science jobs or contact one of our expert consultants to learn more.  For our West Coast Team, contact us at (415) 614 – 4999 or send an email to For our Arizona Team, contact us at (602) 562 7011 or send an email to For our Mid-West and East Coast teams contact us at  (212) 796-6070 or send an email to  

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