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In a world of uncertainty, there is one industry showing no sign of slowing down: the Data market. It’s still strong because Analytics are more important than ever. One of the reasons perhaps is because every business needs to know their Analytics and there is a gamut of verticals who are always in search of top talent. Think insurance, finance, healthcare, tech, biotech, and more. Analytics needs good scientists, great engineers, good business understanding, and it begins with Data Engineering and Software Engineering. When it comes to finding tech talent, San Francisco is still the gold standard.
Though many companies have shifted to a hybrid working model, some are still offering fully remote positions, so why stay and work in San Francisco? It depends on your habits, lifestyle, and what you ultimately want out of life, and there’s a little something for everyone here. Culture is important and you’re centrally located, a few hours from beach, camping, a visit to the wine country. And, finally, this is still Silicon Valley. This is where trends begin.


6 Market Trends In San Francisco

One of the surprising trends in San Francisco, and in Data Engineering specifically, is the need for more candidates who have both Data and Software Engineering skills. It’s been about two or three years in the making, but those who are both Engineer programmer as well as a Data professional are helping businesses take their Data Strategy to the next level.The core markets are still hot in terms of hiring in San Francisco. More companies are shifting back to a hybrid work model rather than fully remote which is a challenge because a lot of candidates want to be remote rather than full time or hybrid in an office.Businesses are focusing on diversity and inclusion at the mid to senior level to retain underrepresented professionals, particularly females, who often cycle out of the pipeline around the eight-year mark. About the time, they’d be considered for higher level roles.Steady growth in DevOps Engineering, Data Engineering, and Software Engineering with Data Science on the back of it is holding strong as businesses understand the value of using Data and Analytics to help their businesses grow.Companies are making smarter decisions because they have better Analytics, but to do that they have to have strong, well-formatted Data which is most likely why the Engineering market in SF is holding so strong. It’s key to the whole thing.

A Shift In The Market

Over the years, the rule of thumb has been that candidates must impress companies. But now that’s shifted, and companies must impress candidates to come work for them. Candidates want to know how businesses differentiate themselves. How do businesses promote what they’re doing? Is the business competitive from a salary point of view – this is often the first jumping off point. The second jumping off point, for businesses in the Bay Area, is to ask themselves, what are you doing to ensure your employee feels valued? How do you portray or show that you value someone? Showing value goes both ways. From the candidate’s side, how do you show the value you bring to the table? Read on.


Advice For Your Next Interview

Everyone at every level can improve their interview skills, and it becomes increasingly important as you progress. So, imagine this. You’ve ticked all the right boxes. You’ve studied the company. You’re resume got you in the door. And you’ve answered all the interviewer’s questions being sure to use inclusive terms like ‘we’ to show you’re a team player. But here’s an open secret – it’s okay to use ‘I’ in an interview and tell the hiring manager what you did, specifically. For example, you might say, “As a team, we built X.” Ok, great. Now, tell us what you did. What was your impact on the project? What did you do to improve it? These ‘I’ answers show the skillset you have especially when it’s relevant to the position. Your success rate will increase dramatically when you’re able to give a presentation on what you have done. If you’re interested in Digital Analytics, Machine Learning, or Robotics just to name a few, Harnham may have a role for you.

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