New York advertising campaigns are legendary. Think Don Draper and the boys of Mad Men. But, from the 1960s to now? The times they are a changin’. In today’s world, advertising and technology have converged to keep up with the times. The power is in the hands of the customer and insight jobs help data professionals gain insight into customer’s needs, wants, and desires. The same is true of the job search and the customer is you. The candidate.As high tech as the process of jobsearching, recruiting, and hiring have become, don’t shed the basics just yet. Though creative design and the addition of embedded video play a role, the traditional resume in its simplicity is still viable. When employees remained with a company ten, twenty, or thirty years, the chronological resume was preferred. It showed stability and progression throughout a career. More often than not, three pieces of paper defined your job search – cover letter, resume, and reference list. If you really wanted to stand out, a handwritten thank you note delivered 24-48 hours after the interview.In today’s world of remote working, digital nomads, and global business, those three to four items remain as touchpoints. Your cover letter can be your video, highlighting the projects and achievements within your resume. The reference list of today falls somewhere between your online portfolio, your social media pages, as well as direct contact with past bosses and colleagues. And that thank you note? Whether emailed or hand-written, it closes the circle of the hunt giving you an opportunity to not only express thanks, but to enhance the interview with a new question, an answer to a question, or fill in a gap.There is a lot of competition today in the job search and even in the science, technology, engineering, and mechanical (STEM) focused industries where demand is high; it’s important to put your best foot forward.Touchpoints Offer InsightEach touchpoint, from cover letter to thank you note offers a hiring manager, recruitment, and staffing agencies a better understanding of their potential candidate.Cover LetterThe cover letter is an introduction. However, it isn’t all about you. A cover letter is written to show a company how you can help them solve their complex business problems as well as lets them know you’re interested in working with them versus simply needing a job.ResumeYour resume can either be chronological or functional. In today’s environment, it’s likely a mix of both. But, ultimately, your resume is what backs up your cover letter. It is a list of your education, work experience, skills, highlights, and achievements. With the added element of video, tell becomes show, giving a potential recruiter or hiring manager additional insight into your skills and capabilities.Reference ListLess than a decade ago, the reference list was simply a piece of paper which listed previous supervisors or colleagues who verified you could do what you said you could do. It also helped hiring managers, recruitment or staffing agencies gain an idea of who you were as a person so they could ascertain whether or not you might be a good cultural fit for the company. Today, that reference list can be a testimonials page on your website, your social media interactions, or simply a list of usually about three people (two professional references and one personal reference).Going the Extra MileGoing the extra mile used to simply mean to be sure to follow up with a thank you note after your interview. But, in today’s world of online profiles, social media pages, embedded video in your resume or online profile, and so on, adding depth and offering further insight can be daunting. Read on for how one candidate in the hunt for his dream job used his professional skills to land the job of his dreams.A recent article on LinkedIn, took the job search a step farther. A one-way plane ticket, a leap of faith, and putting his skills to use landed a candidate his dream job. Putting his technical skills to use and to automate his job search, he created an application. Not only did it help him manage his time, but it also gave him a project to use as example. In essence, he hacked the job search.Are you as comfortable flexing your analytics muscles as you are explaining your findings to stakeholders? We may have a role for you. We’re looking for a VP Advanced Analytics in the AdTech space within the heart of NYC to lead and drive a global tech giant’s efforts to predict customer behaviors across multiple channels.Harnham specializes in Junior and Senior Data and Analytics roles, check out our current vacancies or contact us to learn more.For the East Coast team please call 212-796-6070, or email

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