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Why become a Data and Analytics Recruitment Consultant?

Why choose Data and Analytics recruitment?

Why should you become a Data & Analytics Recruitment Consultant with Harnham?

90% of the data EVER created has been created in the last two years. Who makes sense of it? Harnham's candidates.

From the letter that you receive offering you a new credit card and APR rate to the supermarket vouchers you receive aimed at what you buy.

Harnham were behind that…

We're also behind the days that you get your baggage quickest at an airport, or when you get an email telling you that there's a new offer on a product you were looking at on the internet just a few days ago...

From online shopping to banking, sports to airlines, we work with businesses that you will interact with every day. We also work with some you won’t, including analysts who design race strategies for Formula One teams…

What type of clients and candidates will you be working with?

The common misconception is that we do IT recruitment. This is not IT.

Candidates we place work on the management, analysis and presentation of data. They use software, but this is to answer business questions and to improve business performance.

Here are a few examples of the standard roles that we would place candidates into:

Scenario 1:

A major worldwide retailer would like to make sure that the discount vouchers they send go to the people most likely to spend them.

What our analysts do:

They analyse what you buy, when you buy it, how you buy it and where you’re most likely to buy it, then match the voucher to this.

Why is it important:

Increasing the likelihood that you will use a voucher by just a small percentage makes millions of pounds difference to the profit of a business, and also makes you also more likely to shop in the store again.

Scenario 2:

One of the UK’s largest debt purchasers are looking to acquire a portfolio worth millions of pounds from a major utilities business against their competitors.

What our analysts do:

The analysts we place will build statistical models to predict the optimal bid price along with the estimated profit for this portfolio. They will then report back to their business.

Why is it important:

Their answer can directly result in not only the successful acquisition of a portfolio but also in the increase or decrease of the profit/loss of a multimillion pound project.

Still interested?

We would love to talk to you more about the opportunities with us, or if you're ready to apply please just send us an email. All the details of how to get in touch can be found here.