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Whilst some recruiters may just send any old candidate your way in the hopes they’ll be good enough, that’s not the Harnham way. We learn how our clients operate and the culture within their offices. This allows us to match businesses with a candidate who we are certain will prove to be a profitable addition to both their company and culture.

Over the past few years there has been a steep increase in the demand for expert web analysts. Those who work effectively within digital analytics marketing, using web analytics tools to help improve a business’s web presence are becoming a necessity. Web analytics is only becoming more important.

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While a company may easily be able to find information telling them where their profits are coming from, this is no longer enough. As digital analytics marketing evolves so does the need for identifying various forms of traffic. Which is their most popular source of traffic? What terms are they ranking best for on the search engines? These are questions that only those who work with web analytics tools can easily answer.

The data and analytics industry is our specialty and we’re passionate about it. We are constantly assisting with its progression by pairing excellent talent with pioneering organizations and producing annual salary reports based on our own client and candidate data.

If you’re aiming to get ahead of the curve, or simply want to apply your expert analysis somewhere new, contact us today by calling our London offices on 020 8408 6070 or email


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