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What We Do

From National Defense firms, to Finance and Healthcare, we help the best Verification & Security talent find rewarding careers.

With more threats to our security than ever before, businesses and governments are turning to technology for support. As a result of this, those who can create the algorithms that can protect our identities and detect threats are in high demand.

From dangerous object detection to banking security, we understand the importance of Verification & Security, and how to find the best talent around.

How We Do it

Our specialist Verification & Security team’s unique understanding ensures exceptional service throughout the entirety of your job search or staffing process.

Our dedicated teams can spot the talent required to supply our clients with people that can keep their business one step ahead.

We have the knowledge, the network and the required drive to find the best candidates on the market, as well as working with some of the most exciting Computer Vision businesses around.If you’re hoping to change careers or are looking for the right talent to fill an opening, Harnham can help. 

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