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The Sequels to SQL – Data Disruptors

The sequels to SQL

SQL has long been the database by which all other databases are measured. In our ever evolving technologically charged world, the next market disruptor is primed to leverage data intelligence. This comprehensive data platform for the next generation of applications will drive efficient business practices, refine products, and boost customer experiences. Slated to drive AI where the data lives – and data today lives in the cloud.

The NewSQL in the Cloud

While traditional databases support SQL, they don’t scale well. However, there are a number of new relational databases on the market that offer a number of integrations. NewSQL database characteristics aren’t new, but until now were only available individually.

As new databases arrive to the market and the variety grows, there are some notable examples to keep a close eye on. These include SAP’s HANA, an in-memory relational database. Others of note include MemSQL, Clusterix, and to some minds even Amazon’s Aurora offered through Amazon Web Services.

The ability of NewSQL databases to support individually run applications is being leveraged to more easily handle databases which require more scalability. Applications scalable to AI, machine learning, social, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) are on the rise and integrate seamlessly with the cloudbased databases currently available.

From Microsoft’s Azure to Google’s Spanner their database systems have spanned a number of advancements, not the least of which is open source data environments, keeping the business world’s best foot forward and on its toes.

While Google’s Spanner, “represents the next chapter in the continuous development of database technologies,” a paper authored by 451 Research Director Matt Aslett and Carnegie Mellon University’s Andre Pavlo states, Microsoft’s data platform takes a deeper dive into AI integration. The cognitive services offered by Microsoft’s Azure platform can take your data to the next level with server-less analytics and the ability to process data on demand.

Stepping up performance and security

The leader in databases and the benchmark for performance and security, SQL Server continues to lead. Breakthroughs in not only security and performance, but scale and data warehousing have brought the latest edition of SQL Server up to speed at nearly 100x faster in queries, reporting, and integrative enterprises. Standard SQL is still the one to beat for superior data and analytics information.

Intelligent database management helps makes your organization’s database faster and more secure allowing higher capacity for strategic efforts. Security features throughout the systems use machine learning to detect anomalous activities including the possibility of intrusion to keep at bay or eliminate the possibility of intrusion. Securing data increases its performance and helps keep customer’s databases more resilient.

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