How the Life Sciences Industry is Changing the Way We Work

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Posting date: 5/21/2020 2:25 PM
In the race to develop tests and create vaccines, the Life Sciences have become leaders within the Data industry. Working in tandem with a variety of sources such as human capital, blockchain, Data, and Analytics professionals to get help delivered to where it’s needed most.

This remains a critical time for the Life Sciences. As we work to flatten the curve and take steps to reopen the economy, the Life Sciences industry is also helping to empower the workforce for the foreseeable future. For many businesses, this means allowing remote working either through the end of the year or indefinitely. The ability for those in the Life Sciences industry to collaborate remotely widens the availability and offers more virtual engagement for patients, providers, and researchers without risk of contagion.

There are four key areas in which companies can focus their efforts:

  1. Strengthen and empower your workforce and business community.
  2. Ensure demand meets supply.
  3. Leverage your Data to advance how patients are treated.
  4. Ensure technologies and processes are in place to virtualize patient/provider engagement.

We’ll look at each of these over the next few weeks. So, how do you empower your workforce, build your community, and ensure continuity for your business? First, determine how you might best attract and retain talent for the problems to solve now and in the future.

Five Ways to Ensure Workplace Flexibility for the Future

  • Enable your employees to work remotely through digital, virtual, and collaborative technologies.
  • Build a transparent culture through meaningful connection between healthcare providers, patients, partners, and vendors. Make sure everyone’s on the same page at every stage.
  • Innovate new ways to interact through digital means and encourage business continuity through remote work, virtual AI to assist with customers, and evolve connections to meet strategic objectives.
  • Widen your scope to collaborate across geographies at a global scale.
  • Automate when possible to expand detection and response

Life Sciences Brands Set New Standards for the World of Healthcare

The sudden and long-lasting impact of COVID-19 requires brands to move more quickly than ever before to best serve their customers. It’s imperative customer operations offer quality, caring, and compassion particularly within the healthcare and by design Life Sciences industry. In order to offer the best care and treatment, Life Sciences brands must use the Data and Analytics information they’ve acquired from healthcare records, researchers, and more to ensure quality care for both customers and employees.

In times of uncertainty and fear, leaders must make informed, swift decisions. Trust is paramount is work, research, customer and employee relationships move to and remain online rather than face-to-face. While our collective emotional state adds to the challenge, it also offers new opportunities to be forged.

The work-from-home model is dependent on having the right secure technology. Employees and businesses need to feel as secure working from home as they would in an office environment. To create this experience and build trust, implementing networking infrastructures will be more important than ever before. 

Put People First

As important as secure technologies, solid networking infrastructures, and customer care are, the number one priority to ensure you can meet each of these is to care first and foremost, for your workforce. It’s this caring which will enhance your efforts allowing for business continuity as you also care for your customers. 

We are all in unchartered territory these days, but leaders who put their employees first are building another level of trust. Understanding the unique intensity of caring for family members and managing wellness as well as navigating increased workloads for some of their employees may seem untenable. But when your workforce is armed with the latest information, assurance of frequent communication, and the chance to celebrate small wins and jobs well done, the people you care for will care for your business. 

Business processes have shifted online, looking for your next job has become more daunting than ever before. But here’s the good news. Leaders, hiring managers, recruiters, and prospective employees are all navigating a new way of doing business and finding talent to keep those businesses running. 

In the wake of work-from-home policies, remote working, and the shifting landscape of working outside the office, technology careers are prime opportunities to both gain increased knowledge in your chosen field or begin your career path. 

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