Five Ways Marketing Analytics Help Businesses Plan For The Future

Author: Anais Dufour
Posting date: 5/14/2020 1:41 PM
Small business. Big business. From Amazon to Zoe’s Restaurant, everyone has taken a hit during the pandemic. Some are closed indefinitely while some have been retrofitted to make masks, ventilators, or have even become makeshift labs to find a vaccine or a cure for the coronavirus. But what’s one thing all these businesses have in common? The need for marketing. 

We’ve all had emails assuring us our favorite business is doing their part to flatten the curve. Others might explain they’re refocusing or redoubling their efforts to support front line workers, but they’ll return to business when they can, and small enterprises? Every sale is a bonus for them as they struggle to make ends meet and stay in business. 

So, what are some ways that Marketing Analytics are helping these businesses both big and small plan for the future? They’re making use of marketing analytics.

Shift Strategies. Build Community.

It’s a virtual business world, but that doesn’t mean you should stop marketing, or that your customers aren’t still around. By showing you care about your customers whether it’s taking steps to sanitize surfaces or offering high-value content. 

By shifting strategies from outbound to inbound, it’s giving your customers a chance to window shop, browse, and consider before buying. Whether they’re having to be cautious about their finances or not, how you present yourself to them, keeps them around for the long haul. 

Being there for your customers shows them you appreciate them and care about them. And that you’re not just about the sale. This is the virtual handshake which keeps your customers coming back and gives them something to look forward to in the future. 

Show Support. Express Solidarity.

This is for both your employees and your customers. When you show support and express solidarity from within your company, it speaks volumes to your customers. 

These are trying times for everyone, if you must close your doors, be clear in your communications. Be honest and explain what’s happening, if and when you hope or expect to resume operations, and stay positive. 

Niche Market Analysis

Determine who your customers are and how they might react in times like these. How they react can determine what you do next and how you do it for your business? As much as you should have an overview of your demographics, it’s also important to take a deeper dive.

Knowing this information can help you plan the most effective marketing strategy for the future of your business. This kind of raw Data offers a wealth of information and resources to help you best analyze your information. 

Gather Data. Track. Analyze.

This can help you get an overview of what’s working, what isn’t, and how you can pivot based on your customer’s needs. This time is an opportunity to assess, reassess, and pivot if needed to determine what works best for you and your customers. From here, you can refine your strategies, get creative in your ideas, test, and track.  

Remember, Marketing is a process.

Marketing is a long game. Have patience. Be consistent. 

While the fruits of your labors may not be immediately felt, customers may feel of a sense of normalcy knowing you’re with them during this pandemic. Everyone’s in the same boat. We’re all in this together. Whether you’re a business on the front lines or have to close your doors for a while, using these strategies help not only your customers have something to look forward to, but you as well.

As business processes have continue to shift online, looking for your next job has become more daunting than ever before. But here’s the good news. Leaders, Hiring Managers, recruiters, and prospective employees are all navigating a new way of doing business and finding talent to keep those businesses running. 

In the wake of work-from-home policies, remote working, and the shifting landscape of working outside the office, technology careers are prime opportunities to both gain increased knowledge in your chosen field or begin your career path. 

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