Six Ways to Sharpen Your Focus While Working Remotely

Author: Lauren Harris
Posting date: 4/23/2020 1:09 PM
Welcome to the world of remote working. Our days are blending together as much as we try to set boundaries and time restrictions. The one silver lining in all of this? We’re not alone.

From the essential workers on the front lines to the CEOs in their home office, we’re all in this together. Our online systems are being tested as much as our interpersonal systems. So, how do we navigate this uncharted territory and what can we do to put some normalcy into the unusual?

Move Forward without Fear

In crisis, we tend to reaction. Yet, this is the time to slow down and assess with an eye to moving forward so you’re ready for what comes next. Strike a balance between when to pause and when to push. For example, many individuals are taking this time to study, learn new languages, and find ways to get a leg up on the competition. What would move you forward?

Find Your Creative Space

To be creative, is to be innovative. It’s not just for the artist, painter, musician, writer. Your creative space helps you to pause, to focus, and from there to innovate. What passion project have you been tossing around in the back of your mind? What have you always wanted to do but didn’t have the time to focus? How could the challenges you face, the burdens carried, be shared or delegated to give you the creative space you need?

Be Empathetic

Though we’re all in this together, family, friends, colleagues, stresses can more easily magnify. Find outlets for your frustrations such as meditation, a virtual coffee with a friend, or even reading a few chapters of a book you’ve been meaning to get to.

Maintain a Sense of Humor

Leaders set examples. In these times, it’s important to set a tone which can be both relaxed and driven. Tell a funny story, share a favorite photo, plant something unusual in the background to add a little fun to your virtual meetings.

Reach Across the Aisle to Solve Issues

They say two heads are better than one. What if instead of rivals pitting against each other, they worked together? Consider the story of rival CEOs in the healthcare sector collaborating on a solution to the coronavirus. In isolation, we’re thinking creatively, and reaching across the aisle toward a common goal.

Purpose and Data Driven Focus Thrives

As interpersonal and interconnected as we’ve become, we are still a data-driven world. It is this information we can gather and take to heart to move forward with purpose and focus. No matter the industry you’re in, consider your purpose, and see how you might change things for the better both now and in the future. What can you do for yourself? What can you do in your career? How will you advance your situation from survive to thrive?

As business processes shift online, looking for your next job can be more daunting than ever before. But here’s the good news. Leaders, hiring managers, recruiters, and prospective employees are all navigating a new way of doing business and finding talent to keep those businesses running. 

In the wake of work-from-home policies, remote working, and the shifting landscape of working outside the office, technology careers are prime opportunities to both gain increased knowledge in your chosen field or begin your career path. 

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