Life After Lockdown: Three Trends of the New Normal

Author: Sasha Baez
Posting date: 4/30/2020 1:35 PM
It’s been a few months since remote working became a way of life. Our offices have moved into our dining rooms, kitchens, and onto our couches. We’re business professionals, teachers, and family units all rolled into one and all in one location. But some locations around the world and in the U.S. are beginning to return to normal. Well, the new normal.

So we thought we’d take a moment to consider three trends of the new normal. These include not only a focus on remote working, but also how we interact with each other individually and within our communities. Each is a lesson this year has already taught us and forges a new path as we move forward.

Remote Working

Where once telecommuting or working remotely was an added benefit it is now commonplace. It’s become de facto business strategy to keep businesses running. In recent weeks, we’ve seen advice on how to sharpen your focus when working remotely, job search strategies as millions of American workers face unemployment and the future of the way we work. Things are changing. Fast. And in unprecedented ways.

But there remains research to be done, metrics to analyze, and opportunities abound for those with a penchant for computers and numbers. We’re talking to you Data and Digital Analysts, Web Analysts, E-commerce and Blockchain Data Scientists. 

Physical Interaction

Social greetings have changed. Rather than shaking hands, some may touch elbows. Others nod. Perhaps a wave. Still others may offer another form of greeting. Physical interactions have been dictated. For now. How long this will last is unclear, but we may have to face a reality of alternative greetings from now on. 

How we react to one another may dictate feelings or concerns both made deliberately and unconsciously. Though we may stand a little farther apart and feel uncomfortable around others for a time, at the same time, we want to do for others and begin to focus on our immediate communities. Whether our neighbors are our friends, colleagues, or last names on a mailbox, this has become a time to come together. Virtually. And at a distance.

Community Focus

We are social creatures at heart and crave community. Social media platforms have finally reached their aim. To bring people together. Online. There was a time in human’s early development in which we thrived when we cooperated. Our survival instincts have returned once again as our communities become smaller and more isolated. Instead of every man for himself it is neighbor helping neighbor. 

Could it be that 2020 is the year we grow as a group? Is it possible these shifts of living in the moment altruism be what moves us forward toward the future? 

When you live in the moment, you know the danger may be in the background. But the resilience of people and their communities are strong. The will to survive ever present. 

There are plans to begin reopening. Events like concerts, weddings, board meetings, sales meetings, and more may still be limited or moved to a face on the screen. Whatever must be done to get the job done is what it means to be resilient in a time of crisis. Adapt. Be flexible. Be open to change.

No longer are these words on a mood board or to instill team spirit. This is the new normal. 

On Final Thought…

Business processes have shifted online, looking for your next job has become more daunting than ever before. But here’s the good news. Leaders, hiring managers, recruiters, and prospective employees are all navigating a new way of doing business and finding talent to keep those businesses running.

In the wake of work-from-home policies, remote working, and the shifting landscape of working outside the office, technology careers are prime opportunities to both gain increased knowledge in your chosen field or begin your career path. 

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