Has The Way We Work Changed Forever?

Jenni Kavanagh our consultant managing the role
Posting date: 4/16/2020 1:27 PM
Remote working. Flexible hours. Four day weeks. Universal Basic Income. The past few years have seen no shortage of suggestions when it comes to what the future of the working world will look like. But with many major nations currently working from home by necessity, it’s a time to reflect and reset for both businesses and prospective employees. 

It’s also a time to assess, plan, and prepare for what happens after. What could the world of work and its culture shift look like in the not too distant future?

If nothing else, the pandemic and subsequent response has opened our eyes to where things are broken. These will be the areas looking to hire, both now and in the future, and the key to these hires is to know which of your transferable skills most closely align with the need.

But it won’t only be industries that change. They way we’re working with and speaking to each other has already changed dramatically, perhaps even irreversibly. 

Culture as Silver Lining

From closed door offices to cubicles. From open offices to co-working spaces. Our settings help dictate our culture. Why? Because culture is the model by which we get the job done. 

So, far from the empty “how are yous” and polite handshakes, the climate we find ourselves in now offers a glimpse into a world of real connection. People practice social distancing, but come together via FaceTime and Zoom. People are reaching out to chat about things other than business and showing a little of ourselves and the lives we lead. There is no more separation of work and life during business hours. And that’s okay.

What have we been missing?

We’re no longer numbers and signature blocks on a screen. People want to see each other, to have a real connection. Video meetings are par for the course as we seek to interact as close to our interactions in the office hallway. Except this time, we’re adding in the personal element and the “how are you?”/”I’m fine” remix is on pause or stopped for more meaningful conversation. Now, when we ask, we genuinely want to know and rather than gloss over the question, we’re opening up and telling each other what’s going on in our lives.

Finding Community Amidst Social Distancing

Businesses and individuals are getting creative to help keep some sense of normalcy. Though we’re far from business as usual, there are opportunities all around to create virtual communities and conduct celebrations. Imagine virtual happy hours 0at the end of the week. Pizza parties over FaceTime. Trivia nights with clients. Social distancing has brought us closer together. Who knew?

It’s that effort at normalcy during these unsettling times which are another way toward the future of the way we work. Our desire to be together, work together, interact, innovate, and create. We are fixing what’s been broken – our systems, our processes – and finding the silver lining in the culture shift of the future of work.

As business processes shift online, looking for your next job can be more daunting than ever before. But here’s the good news. Leaders, hiring managers, recruiters, and prospective employees are all navigating a new way of doing business and finding talent to keep those businesses running. 

In the wake of work-from-home policies, remote working, and the shifting landscape of working outside the office, technology careers are prime opportunities to both gain increased knowledge in your chosen field or begin your career path. 

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