Junior Data Scientists Set To Scale Up In 2019

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Posting date: 1/16/2019 10:16 AM
We’re at a unique time in our history, in which there are more jobs available than people to fill them. Major employers are looking at apprenticeships, free degrees, or simply abandoning degree requirements altogether. There is one field, however, which affords candidates a range of industries, apprenticeship opportunities, and advancement like no other field before. Data.

Much like the freshman congress just entering the House of Representatives, Junior Data Scientists are at a distinct advantage as we enter 2019. If you’re a Junior Data Scientist interested in advancing your skills and seeing where it can take you. This is your year. 

Careful at the Curve

Like many changes which seem to happen both too quickly and not quickly enough, there will be a learning curve in 2019 and in the years to come. It will be felt by everyone; business and data professional alike, but it’s important to realize that like all growing pains in regard to change, things will get better. 

The talent shortage, particularly in the US, as of August 2018 was estimated to be 151,217. Places like New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco felt the brunt of this shortage. This skills shortage affects everyone and could strain a company’s ability to deliver, unless there is a strong scaling strategy in place. 

It’s at this crossroads, the prevalence of Junior Data Scientists can help bridge the strain. However, too much too fast could also lead to potential misinterpretation of data causing some to fall short on their ROI. Part of learning is making mistakes and being aware there is a learning curve as Senior and Junior Data & Analytics professionals work together toward the company’s common goal.

According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Report for January, hiring has been moderate with a 4.1% increase over that of December 2017. In the continuing pulse of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, tech skills still reign. Soft skills, though, are increasingly in demand as everyone levels up to keep up in regard to business management skills, strategy, and digital transformation across enterprise endeavors. So, what are some ways to maximize your opportunities. Below is a quick overview:

Skills for the New Year, New You

Tech Skills 
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization are a few of the top skills needed in the new year.
  • Language processing skills and knowing which tools are best for which problem e.g. Python, SQL, R, Excel and Scala.
  • Data storage, optimization, and modeling can help lay formulate strategy by knowing where data is, the best data to use, and what it can do to create information for actionable insights aligned with business practices.
  • Quantitative and Predictive Analysis, and Software Development are additional building blocks for skills-based knowledge for any data professional.

Business Management Skills
Strategy, vendor management, change management. Not only are tech skills important, but as the business landscape itself changes and c-suite executives level up their own data and digital transformation skills, it’s important for Data Scientists to do the same. They should understand the business sector they’re working in so they can create solutions to complex problems which align with their company’s objectives, goals, and logistics.

Communication Skills 
It can be all too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of detail and work singly on a project, but it is here communication becomes key as it helps bring in other departments to help analyze the data correctly. These departments may include those in a non-technical field such as marketing, and the data professional must be able to clearly and fluently translate their findings. 

Evaluate how your goals and skills align.
Find others who have a similar mindset, but be open to new opportunities. You never know what skills you might inherit when you branch out of your comfort zone.

Create Your Own Curriculum for Lifelong Learning Opportunities
Practice deliberately, build your own project, give and get feedback on your work, and track your progress. 

The Future So Far…

In general, the Data Science job outlook continues skyward as vast amounts of data requires skilled professionals to clean it, and determine how and why it’s going to be used. Someone must be able to unravel this information to not only increase its value, but be able to explain what they’ve learned in plain language to non-technical professionals, business executives, and in many cases board and/or stakeholders.

If you’re interested in Big Data & Analytics, we may have a role for you. We specialize in Junior and Senior roles. Check out our current vacancies or contact one of our recruitment consultants to learn more. 

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