How to rock your interview

Author: Lauren Harris
Posting date: 6/28/2018 1:41 PM

From Faneuil Hall to Fenway Park, along the Freedom Trail, and in the halls of Harvard and MIT, Beantown boasts a cultural cornucopia of American history. Since Paul Revere’s Ride and the Boston Tea Party upset, Boston has been a leader in innovation seamlessly weaving its history into its future. 

With its historical beginnings steeped in dreams, desires, and innovative prowess, Boston has transcended the status quo of the quaint New England town. From music to sports to science, it has listened to its people, its visitors, and kept a pulse on technological advancements to improve lives. Knowing what people want can help you give them what they need.

“People think of innovation and heritage as opposed ideas but I disagree. If we are heritage brands, we stood the test of time because we have [a] tradition of successfully innovating. Innovative companies should aspire to become heritage brands.” – Alex Boren, CEO of Oscar de la Renta

Transcend the Status Quo Using Digital Analytics

Over the last few months, we’ve talked about how to put your best foot forward by boosting your resume with video, the importance of enhancing the basics with technology, and broadening your skillset as data recruitment ramps up its efforts to find top talent. This not only offers great insight to a recruiter, it can also help you gauge how you can grow into your next position. You are your own brand. Every day you innovate – whether you realize it or not – video, apps, search, and more. And you thought those apps were just for games!

Just by reading our blog, you’re learning, growing, as are we as we discover your passions, your interests, and your drives by transcending the status quo. We are, after all, a data and analytics recruitment firm, and therefore derive our own insights using digital analytics. But, just as it applies to retail, finance, media, and other industries, it applies also to you, the candidate.

The Interview

You’ve written your cover letter and tailored your resume. You went the extra mile and added video or showed off your design skills in the layout. You’ve been ramping up your skillsets to give yourself that extra oompf, and now, you’ve gotten the call – the interview. Whether your interview is on the phone or in person, there are few things you can do to rock your interview:

  • Dress professionally – even if it’s a phone interview. It’ll help get you in the right mindset.
  • Smile. 
  • Have an extra copy of your resume and cover letter to help keep you on track during the interview.
  • Be prepared and know the company and job. Have a few well thought out questions ready for the recruiter too.
  • Be specific. Think about how the answer to your question would help you make decisions now and in the role.
  • Ask for clarification. Make sure you understand the role and that you and the recruiter on the same page as to what it entails.
  • If you’ve thought of something you think will add value that’s not on your resume, in your cover letter, or you haven’t yet mentioned, circle back around to it and take this opportunity to speak about it. Think about articles you’ve read, classes you’ve taken, or field experience you’ve learned from for inspiration.

If you want to weave innovation and exceptional customer experience into the heritage brand of a household name in media entertainment, we may have a role for you. Harnham is looking for a Lead Marketing Scientist in the Greater Boston area. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into customer analytics both on and offline to help the business gain understanding into their customer’s behaviors. You can also check out our current vacancies or contact us to learn more.

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