How JobSeekers Can Market Themselves to Staffing Agencies

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Posting date: 6/28/2018 2:21 PM

Big Data comes to the Big “D”. In Dallas, Texas, beyond the Stetsons and the boots, the sports franchises, the art galleries, and the shopping centers exist a plethora of data from which to gain market insights across industries. Data professionals are in high demand and businesses and universities have stepped up their certifications and trainings to employ the best.

As disruptive technologies continue moving at an unprecedented pace in the work place, recruitment and staffing agencies race to find and engage top talent. Things are changing at a lightning rate for both hiring managers and candidates from how candidates are sourced to how those candidates can stand out.

From AI automated processes, mobile applications, and the rise of video and visualization to drive engagement, staffing agencies are stepping on the technology bandwagon and looking for the same from their candidates.


From the Recruiter Side: Find and Engage

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you may first envision Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise giving direction. And strangely, you might not be too far off. The goal for any employer or staffing agency is to find top talent and know how to keep it. Gain insight into your candidates to help match them to the perfect role by understanding their personal priorities and aspirations for a successful outcome.

From AI candidate screening to Augmented Reality (AR), finding talent has seen an uptick in the use of digital technology and data science. Sourcing candidates has evolved from “advertise and apply” to “find and engage”, in which staffing agencies and recruiters look for meaningful data and patterns within their candidate pools to determine how open a candidate may be to new job opportunities.

Engagement is a key term these days when it comes to gaining insight about customers, clients, and now candidates. From smartphones and tablet apps to wearable devices to the social media insights gained through company reviews and comments, engagement puts the relationship back at the center of recruitment.


From the Candidate Side: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

With all the visual acuity of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, the traditional chronological or functional resume has changed. In today’s market, more and more job applications and resume requests are being enhanced with embedded video and Virtual Reality (VR) Jobseeker profiles.

Don’t ditch your traditional resume just yet. Enhance it with embedded video. Engagement works both ways and a professional video can offer staffing agencies deeper insight into a candidate’s expertise and potential fit within an organization.  Like any interview, dress professionally, speak slowly and clearly, and be sure to highlight your expertise.

Using Virtual Reality to augment your jobseeker’s profile, you could even walk a potential recruiter through one of your projects. If you’re a Data Engineer, you might highlight your process for building data lakes and platforms, if you’re in martech, you might highlight one of your campaigns and the insights gained from it.

On the flip side, VR tours at a prospective company could offer you a glimpse into the workplace and its culture. In addition to VR tours, which while interactive only give a two-way approach to company life, the advent of Augment Reality (AR), allows a candidate to experience first hand and companies to see first hand mock interactions, talk with an employee about a day in the life, participate in a meeting, or simply walk through the workplace as if you were there in person.

Finally, it’s important to keep your skills sharp and many organizations want to help you do just that by upskilling talent. Keeping pulse of trends in a constantly evolving industry requires constant skills development and enhancement. A benefit top talent seeks are roles offering upskilling and professional development whether it’s through additional responsibilities, stepping outside their comfort zone – this is where integrated teams come into play, mentoring, or simply available time to attend online and offline conferences and seminars.

So, you’ve revamped your resume to include embedded video and enhanced your profile with virtual reality. Maybe you’ve attended a recent conference, gained new insight into trends in your field, or networked your way into an interview. But now you may be wondering, what’s hot right now. What jobs are in high demand?


Jobs in Demand

Between security breaches of personal data and BitCoin’s dramatic rise and fall, the most in demand jobs this year will by Cybersecurity professionals, BlockChain talent, and E-Commerce Specialists within the IoT framework.  And as online shopping continues to slice away at traditional retail spaces, those retailers who want to move into E-commerce or revamp their current online storefront will be looking to E-Commerce Specialists. Martech is now a significant part of every marketing organization’s budget. Getting the highest ROI from your marketing spend is crucial.

But, across the board, IoT has sparked demand for every data professional from data engineers and designers, data scientists, business intelligence analysts, and more. While employers seek a broad skillset, one fine-tuned skill are for those professionals who can connect the “I” with the “T”.

Staffing agencies and employers know these trends present opportunities for innovation and sourcing the right talent is central to their success. Adaptable candidates secure the best roles and both recruiters and jobseekers use these trends to their advantage.  Recruiters, keep these trends in mind when crafting your job posting.

If you want to help build the bridge between offline and online customer engagement managing internal teams to maximize ROI. If you want build a foundational roadmap for the future for analytics projects to industry standards and trends, we may have a role for you. We are looking for a Senior Vice President, Marketing Analytics for one of our Dallas clients. Operating at the forefront of Marketing analytics work, this position offers a seasoned Analytics leader the opportunity to define company roadmaps.

Harnham specializes in Junior and Senior Data and Analytics roles, check out our current vacancies or contact us to learn more.

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