AI enters the customer journey experience

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Posting date: 6/28/2018 2:24 PM

Pepsi vs. Coke. Ford vs. Chevy. Apple vs. Amazon. Google vs. Yahoo. What drives our choices when it comes to products or services? 

Since the dawn of television, the option to choose has been up to the consumer. And as the digital age, social media, and omnichannel communication options entered the fore, the availability of product, service, and choice has grown exponentially. But, with so much opportunity to choose, how do marketers engage the consumer to buy their product or their service? Enter data. The more data you have on customers buying behaviors, the richer your insights to tailor your marketing efforts to that of your ideal customer.

Let's Get Personal

In the last year or so, marketing has taken momentous leaps forward to create deeply personal and individually targeted marketing programs. With the rise of artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and the breakdown of company silos to create a more connected experience, marketers and consumers began a different conversation. Deeper, richer insights offer companies better strategies to engage with and learn about their customer.

Across the channels of social media, television, computer, smartphone, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and so on the consumer experience is engaged with both on and offline. Interactive and dynamic page layouts as well as AI-informed journey creation have allowed marketers to realize a strong ROI for their efforts. Customers want to be involved, engaged, and even polls and surveys allow them the opportunity to help their favorite companies improve their product and experience or bad experiences can be dealt with in real-time. As trends evolve, insights in marketing will steadily grow the personalized consumer experience with more targeted strategies with the assistance of strategic analysis. 

It Takes a Village

Once fully on the shoulders of marketers alone to deliver an excellent consumer experience, companies now will integrate departments. Organizational structures will facilitate cross-functional collaboration and co-innovation expanding their teams beyond marketing communications, sales teams, and customer or user-experience teams. AI will be more integrated among teams as brands turn toward AI to understand customer behavior, predict engagement, as well as discover new audiences. 

Brand success will be measured using technology

 to help deliver relevant marketing experiences to consumers. Real-time interaction will allow them to listen to consumer's needs and respond in a timely manner. Those that embrace integrated teams, AI, KPIs, and technology will have a competitive advantage against those who do not. 

AI enters the customer journey

On the Move - Go Mobile

It's estimated 30 percent of the population devotes their time to media communication and consumption via their mobile phone. Knowing this, brands have already begun to shift from quantity of messages to quality-targeted, curated messages. The power to choose in the palm of your hand. 

Adobe predicts machines will start making strategic marketing decisions. In other words, software will analyze data to build segments, create custom copy, and start and stop campaigns, but they'll still need someone to not only make sense of the data to incorporate into marketing strategies and be translated to business executives for better informed decision making. Loyalty gained through marketing efforts that are specifically targeted with advances in AI and behavioral marketing can help to cement a healthy bottom line. When buyers tell you what they want, you can't go wrong.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Whether you're laying carpet, sewing clothes, or baking, the adage of measure twice, cut once carries through to data and planning. It is all a process and by taking careful measurements, you can be more effective in your use of data. Often, we need data to ask the right questions. But, how do you know what is the right question to ask?

One way is to use process metrics. These metrics can help to understand the best questions to ask through reverse engineering, making small adjustments as needed, or even further diagnose any issues that may arise during the process. From here, a process unfolds and feeds into a well-defined reporting structure. Pre-determined checkpoints for analyzing and regularly reporting results can help to formulate - you're still measuring here - the right question to ask. When you "cut to the chase" and know the right question to ask, you'll get more informed feedback and perhaps gain insights you didn't even expect.

Constantly compare current and past performance, collaborate with your team, set industry-specific benchmarks and identify areas of strength and improvement. Developing and executing a measurement framework will allow you to 

more effectively implement your strategy.

 The resulting insights from data analytics can be a powerful tool for informed business decisions. But, it's best when included in real-world insight causation. That "right" question just may be "the question to propel your marketing efforts forward using insights, AI, and integrated teams. Data both qualitative and quantitative helps understanding of motivation and is a critical component of measurement framework. 

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