What Does the Future Hold for AI and Big Data in Enterprise?

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Author: Max Dosad
Posting date: 11/15/2018 10:44 AM

Smart phone. Smart home. Business Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence. Each designed to improve our live. These smart devices know our favorite music, our favorite movies, the just right temperature for the house, and when we’re away, we can watch it all from our mobile phone. Elements of the four work together for convenience and peace of mind. 

But, what about your business? What does the future hold for AI and Big Data when it comes to enterprise? As we round out 2018, and look to the new year, the Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley will be abuzz for two-days at the end of this month with its AI & Big Data Expo North America. Industry leaders will come together to deliver AI and Big Data for a smarter future. 

A More Centralized Systems Focus

We know Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Intelligence (CI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more. But, what about a more overarching turn of phrase for enterprise as a whole? The intelligent enterprise. 

Imagine advanced analytics, intelligence applications, and machine learning seamlessly connected via the cloud for more flexible decision making based on data flow into business systems.  To do this, your business needs a strong data foundation and centralized team from all departments for an at-a-glance dashboard view of your business and its needs.

Having the right data coupled with the right computing capabilities offers single view information at each customer touchpoint. Once siloed positions now molded into one unit with the right information can help you make better decisions, faster.

AI Application Expectations for 2019

We’ve come a long way from the days of the Jetsons, in which AI is simply a robot programmed to do mundane tasks. Today, and looking toward the future, we’re in a real-time world closer to that of Bicentennial Man. In fact, much like our personal devices are extensions of ourselves, businesses are beginning to see AI as extensions of their business, contributing to their success. 

AI is continuously evolving, and 2019 will be no different. As companies embrace and work to enhance machine and human relationships, we’ll begin to see and understand AI’s limitations, and when and how human interaction may be needed. Though evolution of AI is expected to triple in the new year, many businesses currently using its applications for mission-critical processes will grow more confidence in new technologies. 

Businesses once on the sidelines will grow into their roles as digital leaders, advancing their industry, and while 16 percent of a recent survey said they are currently applying automation and AI to one or more mission-critical business processes, more than three times the amount are expect to do so by 2019.  

We’ve barely scratched the surface with what we know will be a jam-packed agenda November 28 and 29 in Silicon Valley. We’ll be at the Expo and hope to see you there. Stop by, say hello, and if you’re interested in Big Data, analytics, and the future of business, we may have a role for you.

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