Scaling Up Blending Education, AI, And Apprenticeships For Future Success

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Posting date: 10/9/2018 8:17 AM
School’s in! Apprenticeships are on the rise within the realm of technology. Demand is so strong, major players like Google and IBM are eschewing traditional education tracks and offering programs for the next generation of Data & Technology professionals. Opensource courses offer opportunities for those in any profession to gain an understanding of Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

There is no finite end to education. Technology is changing things at such a rapid pace, we must constantly be learning in order to keep up. Businesses offer graduate schemes and continuing education. To stay ahead, they must invest in themselves, their staff, and just may also be investing in the next generation.

What are the implications for AI in schools?

To prepare for the future of a blended workforce, schools must begin preparing students now. They must provide environments that couple human creativity with the analytical ability of computers and robots.

Of the five major shifts happening with AI in schools, two seem particularly relevant in today’s landscape:

  • Socratic Learning in the Digital Age
In today’s world, the teacher becomes less of a lecturer and more of a guide or coach as the students learn in virtual environments. Learning and teaching have become immersive experiences, rather than a tell and retell model. For example, USC Institute for Creative Technologies is prototyping a virtual learning program that combines AI and 3D animation to guide students through learning content and platforms. 
In this model, students work through a problem together with a teacher only offering support when a student gets hung up. Rather than giving the answer or asking another student, everyone works together to solve the problem, setting the stage for work in their future chosen field.

  • Tearing Down Walls
Once the domain of gap and exchange years or peer tutoring, the world can truly be a classroom for all. Through apps, such as Brainly, a social media site for Q & A, users can connect with their peers to answer subject- specific questions. Students are connected are like never before. Think of it as crowd-sourced education, with students working together across the globe. 
On the flip side, instructors can use AI to help create a more blended learning environment online. Learning ecosystems such as Teachable, Udemy and CourseCraft couple coaching with content acquisition through videos, group chats, editable worksheets and varied assessments.

How AI Can Help

The focus for years has been on fears that AI will take over jobs. But, with an adaptive mindset that we will always learn as we go, we can begin to embrace AI in both schools and the workplace. AI doesn’t have to scare us. We are still teaching writing, reading, and arithmetic, but in the 21st century classroom we are also learning to write code and analyze data. 

Although it’s still in its infancy, companies that have managed to incorporate AI are showing impressive results. Companies showing over 20% revenue growth are currently using AI in at least 60% of their operations. Digital leadership is beginning to take root as CEOs start to full appreciate the importance of these new technologies. 

Not only can AI blend a more immersive learning experience for students in school, it can also help free up humans to be more creative, and has led to job creation in new sectors. In the finance sector, new positions opened up with the introduction of teller machines; including loan specialists, investment advisors, and other more ‘relationship-based’ services. Top employers insist that AI is helping humans spend their time on more creative pursuits and less time on the mundane administrative tasks.

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