Data Analytics: a year in review and a look beyond

Author: Maria Scalici
Posting date: 6/28/2018 3:03 PM

2017 was a banner year for digital and analytics and Harnham, in particular. 2018 is primed to be even better! Behind the scenes, we worked hard to make sure those with a strong interest and skillset in data and analytics excelled in their careers and for our part, we want to thank everyone for naming us one of the Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies and give a shout out to our teams across the globe for winning Best Niche Agency at the 2017 MDRAS.

In this first of a 2-part series, we’ll review highlights from 2017 with an eye to what 2018 holds in store. We covered a wide-range including healthcare, smart data discovery, analytics across industries, fintech, martech, and the ultimate driver of change – consumer demand. We hope you’ll read through the highlights and if interested, take a deeper dive to determine the full gamut of the current consumer and business technology landscape. 

Trend Projections for 2017 and Beyond

One of the most quickly evolving trends is smart data discovery through machine learning and natural language. Businesses will need people who can understand, manage, and guide the process as projections show smart data discovery evolve into the mainstream by 2020. In case you missed it, check out the full article here.

Healthcare IoT

One of the strongest opportunities for big data and analytics exists in the healthcare industry, particularly as it relates to IoT and wearable devices. Big data is big business and offers valuable insights into customer’s spending habits as well as insights into marketing practices and financial services. 

The shifting focus in the healthcare industry through analytics is opening a treasure trove of value-based, patient-centric care and personalization. By focusing on outcomes and leveraging the advancements in technology, those responsible for a patient’s care find their time freed up and their information multiplied allowing them to monitor, control, and predict patient’s current care and future treatments. Read the article here.

Analytics Across Industries

Often, when we think of marketing insight and analytics, retail is the first to come to mind. But, every industry - from retail to medtech to fintech - wants to better understand their customers through feedback and to study their behaviors. Investing in business intelligence and analytics continues to grow at a rapid rate. The beginning of 2017 saw a few predictions on the rise, not the least of which is how analytics will continue to shape events within the business community. Read the article here.

Business Intelligence and Decision Modeling at the C-Suite Level

Following in the footsteps of their business forefathers, executives are turning to decision modeling in record numbers. Executive decision making requires bold action and the ability to execute ideas. Where big data and models dazzle is in their application to retail. The customer insights offered through real-time data can both evolve the customer experience and stop fraudulent activities in their tracks. 

Though data analysis, predictive modeling, and decision modeling have their place in objectively deciding outcomes, there is still a human element which must also prevail; human intuition, interaction, and emotional intelligence. Statistical and decision models are objective. One answer fits all. Yet, in life’s variations, one action does not necessarily precipitate the next. The future can be changed. Read the article here.

Customer Intelligence

“Know your customers”, key to any company’s bottom line, has grown up. Customer insights are central to business and understanding them at their deepest level is important in any marketing strategy. The Rolodex system for customer profiles has modernized, yet the tenets of loyalty remain. How do you keep customers engaged and gain new ones in an age of fierce competition, global availability, real-time engagement, and social media activity. Marketing has joined the world of technology. Understanding marketing technology is a critical skill in marketing followed a close second by data literacy. 

A successful customer experience requires rethinking processes and thinking long term. To do something well takes time, though in our technologically advanced world it is important organizations ramp up their pace to meet demand to deliver outstanding customer service. From data integration to technology implementation, delivering a positive customer experience requires a mix of activities and competencies which must be conveyed across channels and throughout the organization. Read the article here.

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