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How would feel knowing that your work contributes to the national defense mission of the United States? Are you interested in applying your machine learning skills and signal processing expertise to real-world applications and use cases? Your work will impact national defense by improving the detection and tracking systems of autonomous reconnaissance systems!


Harnham is working with a defense technology company that has been government classified for a long time. Their primary focus is object and image detection from satellite, aircraft, submarine, and other unattended detection/intelligence systems, using applied detection theory and signal processing techniques. If you are interested in solving complex machine learning problems related to international security, being a part of a smaller company (with profit-sharing), and working on classified projects, this is the role for you.

This organization is an industry leader in detection and tracking systems. They implement cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and simulation modeling approaches to solve complex, real-world problems. Much of the team is comprised of top performers from esteemed graduate and doctorate programs!


You will be at the center of the action - working closely with executive leaders and management across all organizational functions in defense of national security! With your combination of business acumen and technical expertise, you will have an opportunity to make a significant impact on a growing team responsible for strategic decision-making and R&D direction.

  • Build, implement, and optimize machine learning and deep learning models for optimized sensor data insights and forecasts
  • Detect moving signatures with Bayesian forecasting algorithm, RNN, and/or time-series analysis
  • algorithm development on applied information, or detection theory - huge plus to have image processing experience in deep learning frameworks (especially with CNN, GAN, CV, etc.)
  • Communicate with stakeholders and leaders from various verticals to define business goals and deliver business insight with deployable machine learning algorithms and influence decisions and R&D plans
  • Demonstrate a high level of ownership of tasks at hand, with the liberty of taking an approach and making it your own for a single or multiple project(s)
  • Collaborate with world-class data scientists and engineers to improve and promote America's security and safety!


The successful Staff Research Scientist - Signal Processing will have:

  • A Top Secret or Top Secret/SCI Clearance
  • An education in Physical Science, Computer Science, Engineering, or Math/Stats - Master's and/or Ph.D. is a huge plus!
  • Worked with satellite, aircraft, submarine, and/or manned/unmanned detection system sensor data set
  • Programming skills in Python, R, or Matlab - C++ back-end, though you don't have to productionize your own models
  • Huge Plus! - Extensive modeling experience of ocean environmental themes, like looking at submarine data and detection, wave dynamic, Deep Learning image processing to detect things you can't see with the naked eye


$140,000- $160,000 Base Salary + Competitive Benefits

  • Performance and Revenue Bonus
  • Employee Stock Options
  • Great 401K package and company contribution
  • Commuter Benefits and other reimbursement programs
  • Medical, Dental and Vision plan options

How to Apply

Please register your interest using the Apply button on this page.

For more information on this role or other Data Science and Machine Learning roles, please contact Stephen McReynolds at Harnham.

Python, R, Matlab, C++, Machine Learning, ML, Natural Language Processing, NLP, Recommendation Engine, Recommender System, Spark, AWS, GCP, Amazon, Google, SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Bigquery, HDFS, Flink, Beam, Kafka, MySQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, HBase, Bigtable, Shell, Perl, Bash, Ruby, Java, Scala, Travis CI, Jenkins, Deep Learning, Bayesian Statistics, Text Analytics, Thompson Sampling, Probability, Multi-Class, Decision Tree, Vector Machine, Reinforcement Learning, Reward System, Modelling, Algorithm, Content Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Data Scientist, Data Science, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data, Scikit, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, NumPy, CNN, RNN, NLTK, LSTM, Physics, GeoPhysics, Geology, Oceanography, Top Secret, TS, TS/SCI, Top Secret/SCI, Security Clearance, Secret, Defense, Defense and Space, Government, Intelligence, Surveillance, Security, DoD, Department of Defense, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science

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Los Angeles, California
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