Senior Manager, Biopharma Insights

Boston, Massachusetts
US$115000 - US$130000 per year

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Senior Manager, Biopharma Insights
$115,000 - $130,000
Boston, MA

Are you mission driven and want to work for a market leading biotech company who specialize in improving the lives of those who need advanced care? If you have a strong consultative mindset and can work with diverse stakeholders within the biotech, biopharma or diagnostics realm to deliver key insights and recommendations on how customer needs change or evolve, and how that impacts business strategy then this could be the next step in your career.


As a Senior Manager, Biopharma Insights, you will be a senior part of a growing commercial analytics and strategy team, focusing on both qual and quant research studies to meet and exceed customer needs across a large product portfolio, setting the strategy for long term business goals. You will:

  • Be hands-on in end-to-end market research projects, including understanding business questions, scoping the research project, working with vendors to execute, and analyzing performance and results. You will be regularly delivering presentations on your findings to a variety of senior stakeholders including executive level
  • Work with a variety of data sources, including primary and syndicated data, performing competitor, market, statistical and conjoint analysis in Excel, SPSS or R/Python, using your insights to identify opportunities for market expansion, and new customers segments and partnerships that can be built.
  • Use your research background to demonstrate a deep knowledge of how customer needs change and evolve within the biopharma, biotech, diagnostics sector to deliver insights that will be used to steer corporate strategy


  • Degree educated, preferably with Masters in a scientific or quantitative field such as Biology, Economics, Math, Statistics or similar
  • Experience within the biotech, biopharma, medical device, oncology or diagnostics sector with experience in designing and executing on research methodologies and competitor analysis
  • Proven background in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including conjoint and statistical analysis in SPSS, Excel, R or Python
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile environment, and an excellent communicator.


As a Senior Manager, Biopharma Insights, you can expect to earn up to $130,000 (depending on experience), plus competitive benefits.


Please register your interest by sending your resume to Jenni Kavanagh via the Apply link on this page


Biotech, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Pharma, Biopharma, Oncology, Medical Devices, Syndicated, Primary Research, Secondary Research, SQL, R, Health, Claims, Strategy, Client facing, Recommendations, Product, Customer Engagement, Consultancy, Statistical Analytics, Conjoint, Survey Design, Market Research Competitor Analysis, Interviews, Market Analysis, Growth, Product Portfolio, SPSS, Excel

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Boston, Massachusetts
US$115000 - US$130000 per year
  1. Permanent
  2. Customer Insight

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Four Ways Advanced Analytics Drives Business Forward

2020 was an unprecedented year for shifting businesses online. Technology, never quite in the background, arrived center stage to help drive transformation in a variety of industries. Many businesses were forced to change their processes, how they interacted with their employees, customers, and with each other. One of these major shifts was in Advanced Analytics and Insight. Stemming from a Marketing perspective which had specific deliverables of demographics, location, and consumer histories, advancements found a place in working with unstructured Data. Working in tandem with these new analytical insights, artificial intelligence brought learning, problem-solving, planning, and other naturally human behaviors to life. This includes in the creative fields, not just in traditional industries like Finance or Retail.  In a study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Intel, though most businesses know Analytics can drive their business forward, less than half are taking advantage of these transformational technologies. Below are a few ways Advanced Analytics can drive business forward. 1. Decision Science and the CDO Roles Will Grow In a seemingly counterintuitive measure, while most businesses were cutting back in IT, Data and Analytics budgets were expanded. As the Chief Data Officer and Decision Science roles increase in importance, businesses who know the value of their Data can derive actionable insights and business decisions from these executive level communicators. 2. Access to a variety of Data Sources Will Help to Streamline Business Operations With most businesses operating strictly online or in a hybrid ecosystem, optimization of processes is key. In the ever-changing market systems, buyer behaviors and the consumer journey will increase dependency on Data and Analytics as businesses seek to meet consumer demand. Offering bespoke solutions and coordinating such Data sources as chatbots and call centers, businesses will have the opportunity to create a seamless system as they adopt and implement technologies such as Advanced Analytics and AI. In the right mindset, these practices can also drive partnerships within their ecosystems from Data Science to technology vendors with AI capabilities.  3. Sharpening Focus on Measurable Projects to Increase ROI Rather than rely on third parties, Data will become part of the business offering value in their operations. It will drive how they operate, deliver, and understand the needs of their consumer. Owning and managing their own Data will provide unique insights they may not have been aware of before. Sharpening their focus to get a good return on their analytics investment, businesses will broaden their ecosystem. Seeing the bigger picture, businesses will also want to access more specific insights that drive actionable answers to their questions. 4. Machine Learning, NLP, and Domain Expertise Can Help Scale Data Modelling As AI, Advanced Analytics, NLP, and Machine Learning platforms come into full swing and in combination, new Data Modelling opportunities can increase insight. Automated processes of Data classifications will drive scale increasing both the amount of Data and a granular level of detail to be extracted.  The specialization of these Data platforms will only grow in importance. In our always-on, always on demand world, the need for Advanced Analytics professionals and a variety of posts in the Data profession, businesses will expect strong domain knowledge. They’ll be looking for professionals and platforms which can help them understand specific use cases. Rather than just simple demographics and birds-eye views of their consumers, they’ll want to drill down to not only what they can provide now in terms of goods and services, but anticipate what consumers will want and need for the future. In the last year, we’ve absorbed a lot of information, and have struggled to distill it in actionable insights. But, if you’re interested in Marketing and Insight, and would like to shift into Advanced Analytics and Insight, we may have a role for you. Not your bag, but interested in Life Sciences, Decision Science, Machine Learning, or Robotics just to name a few, Harnham may have a role for you. Check out our current vacancies or contact one of our expert consultants to learn more.  For our West Coast Team, contact us at (415) 614 - 4999 or send an email to  For our Mid-West and East Coast teams contact us at (212) 796-6070 or send an email to  

Back To Basics In The Business Of Data Science

Though COVID-19 and the US Election still dominates the news, there’s a lot going in the world of Data Science, too. 2020 ramped up efforts in the healthcare industry to combat the pandemic. Cybersecurity is entering a renaissance of sorts as we tackle the misinformation age, but there’s some fun stuff, too. Here a few Data Science trends finding foundation and leverage in 2021. Businesses Kick Data Science into High Gear To stay viable, businesses are kicking their Data Strategy into high gear. From the top down, there will be an estimated increase of Chief Data Scientists to help businesses make critical business decisions from e-commerce to SaaS. Trajectory of Data Analysts Upskilling to Data Scientist  Once relegated to sampling bits of data and leaving others to break it down into workflow, Data Scientists could see a boost of responsibility. The demand for soft skills, upskilling, and cross-training could reduce the need to have Machine Learning and Data Engineers process empowering the Data Scientists to do more. Breaking the Mold With businesses and education moved online, businesses will be challenged to keep employees engaged. Training and education are now available to employees and would-be Data Scientists at home for on-the-job training as they face new technologies being developed, use new tools, and lessened demand on the college degree, but the experience in applying what’s been learned. Machine Learning Gets Smarter AI and Machine Leaning applications will focus on charting algorithms to understand cause-and-effect. But it won’t happen overnight. Teaching and testing machines is intense and time consuming. These technologies might present probability, but can’t determine definites. Yet.  Applying Machine Learning strategies to business problems through systems will focus businesses on finding solutions rather than focusing on building products that aren’t in their wheelhouse. Adding neuroscience and computational neuroscience into the mix for Machine Learning will see these fields grow. Ultimately, Machine Learning and AI are estimated to be the final piece in the puzzle when it comes to Data Science strategies for a variety of industries.  Back to Basics As everyone gets organized in their new ways of doing business, Data Scientists are getting back to basics. Their solving big problems with better tools, technologies, and open-source information now available. The push for open access scientific and medical journals along with the global team environment offers a variety of ways in which Data Scientists can come together to focus on problems more efficiently than anyone else. In other news, projects such as the new James Webb Telescope, the open access drive for scientific and medical journals, and the latest space race information, Data Scientists have been busy getting these projects off the ground as well. Though 2020 took us by surprise in so many ways, we took what we had and ran with it. So, as we enter 2021, we’re on a unique footing from Machine Learning and AI to Data Science with the added boost of nuero-and computational science to employ every tool at our disposal. Businesses have ramped up their efforts and are empowering the professionals in the Data Strategy teams to help them make critical business decisions with an eye toward the future. Data Scientists are getting back to basics while leveraging their skillsets from open access, online education sources, and on-the-job training to solve the big problems we face. And of course, while we have our eyes on the sky when it comes to space exploration this year and our feet on the ground as we work to vaccinate populations against COVID-19, and Chief Data Scientists split their focus to improve business bottom lines, we know demand will remain high for those in the Data industry. If you’re interested in Data & Analytics, Harnham may have a role for you. Check out our current vacancies or contact one of our expert consultants to learn more.  For our West Coast Team, contact us at (415) 614 - 4999 or send an email to  For our Mid-West and East Coast teams contact us at (212) 796-6070 or send an email to

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