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At Harnham, we strive to be more than just a recruitment company and that’s why we have worked to become industry experts, so that we may help within the community and the advancement of our sector.

Lending money can be a risky business but those who work in the credit risk department are there to try and prevent potential losses. The employees in these positions are vital to any business dealing with loans as they ensure the level of risk is within a suitable range.

Don’t take a risk with your recruitment

When employing someone to mitigate credit risk, businesses need to ensure that the right person is hired. Strong strategies and thorough research skills are a necessity as you prepare reports and analysis based on your expert opinion.

Building a team that can identify and minimize Credit Risk can be tough, but we ensure you’re only presented with the strongest candidates in the industry. We will use our industry expertise to bring you a dedicated recruitment experience that will leave you completely satisfied with the result.

Whether you’re in need of professionals who will study every last detail, or you’re looking to provide a business with expert risk analysis, then please call us.

For the East Coast and Mid-West teams please call 212-796-6070, or email

For the West Coast team call 415-614-4999 or email


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