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We see more increasingly that high on every financial institution’s list is mitigating the risk of loss internally or externally.

Understanding and predicting the perceived risk via scorecards and models is a skill that requires attention to detail of many business areas, specialising in operations or following regulatory changes for example.

Taking the Risk out of hiring

Harnham is well versed at filling niche roles to formalize the process of risk management for any brand. Uniquely we have a pool of high caliber candidates, who all possess a solid grasp of statistics and other mathematics declines to a high degree of specialization, to more than adequately perform their jobs.

If you are looking for your next credit risk role or need to fill a position, please get in touch. 

For the East Coast and Mid-West teams please call 212-796-6070, or email

For the West Coast team call 415-614-4999 or email



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